Nutrisystem Week 2 Weigh In #NSNation

Food, program and supporting material provided by Nutrisystem. Always consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program. This is a personal account of our experience and not intended as medical advice.

This past week was a challenge for me. With the family gathering (and all the goodies) on Easter and a day out (including meals) with hubby I did my best to not over indulge, but enjoy my day.

As usual the kids obtained copious amounts of candy. Yummy, delicious, melt in your mouth, surprisingly talented candy (yes… it could actually talk… to me anyway lol).

Once the candy challenge was behind me (aka the kids ate almost all of it), my week went smoothly.

Kaytlin and I both decided that we couldn’t wait for our next food order because our favorite foods were already gone.


I am missing the turkey sausage and egg muffin for breakfast.


Kaytlin is missing her cinnamon bun bar.

Starting your day off with a satisfying breakfast that you enjoyed it important… it gets the day off to a good start for me.

So, our weigh in this week…

My weight loss:

week 1 – 10 pounds -10
week 2 – .8 – 10.8 total

Kaytlin’s stress level is lowering, but with finals coming in a few weeks it’s still full steam ahead for her.

Kaytlin’s loss:

week 1 – 2.8 pounds – 2.8
week 2 – 1 – 3.8 total


  1. shelly peterson says

    I think I would have a hard time with this kind of weight loss program, relying on eating their food that you have to order But the turkey sausage and egg muffin does look pretty good.

    • I thought it would be, too, but I actually like their food! On spaghetti night here at the house I have the frozen Ravioli or boxed lasagna. I try to coordinate so I’m eating almost exactly what they are. I have eaten out a couple of times as well and skipped their food… Chipotle is a great option if you watch what you put in the bowl! 🙂

  2. Lynn says

    Good job! Super impressive on week 2.

    • Thanks! I’m super worried about my weigh in next week. I am heading out for a 4 day press trip and they tend to feed us VERY well. Hopefully we’ll walk it off? lol

  3. WAY TO GO! 10 pounds the first week was awesome. Last week was hard for me too. I gained. 🙁 This week will be much better for us all!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m on a press trip and they are feeding us well and A LOT. I am trying to very hard to eat smart. Wish the hotel had a scale in the bathroom! LOL

  4. That egg muffin looks delish and any loss is better than no loss.

  5. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Just looking at the food you are kissing makes me hunger for them. You showed great willpower during a difficult time. I am sure you both shall continue to lose.

  6. Sarah L says

    Glad you’re both keeping up with this. Breakfast is my most important meal.

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