Nook Book Apps Made for Kids

Nook Book Apps Made for Kids

Tablets and e-readers are very popular these days and kids are in love with technology. From games to reading apps, the technology of e-readers and tablets like those in the Nook line by Barnes and Noble keep kids entertained while also engaging them in educational activities. From games to reading apps, there are application options to suit any child’s interests and needs. Kid friendly apps make it easy for young kids to learn how to use technology that will be essential to their future success both in school and as adults.


Available Platforms

One of the great things about Nook Book apps for kids is that they are available on several different platforms. The apps are, of course, available on the Nook reader tablets, but you can also get the apps on platforms like Google Play, iOS, and Android. Some of the available platforms can be accessed on your smart phone, tablet, and laptop so you can access the great features of Nook products on whichever device you have on hand.

I Can Read

As described on, the I Can Read learning system is a steps system designed to walk kids through beginner to advanced reading skills. The system has been teaching children to read for generations, expanding a child’s vocabulary and teaching grammar and structure. The popular books series now comes in a multi-platform friendly format, one of many great Nook book apps for kids. The app offers e-books and interactive activities to help build your child’s reading confidence.

Math and Color Learning

Math and color patterns learning is particularly fun when presenting in an interactive app. The Nook book apps for kids include several color and mathematics learning games. The games range for 3-4 year old color recognition and pattern finding games to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and measurement games best suited for older age groups. The applications turn learning math into fun games, complete with sound effects and narratives that let kids go on adventures and accomplish tasks while using and improving their math skills. Some of the math and color apps offered include Miss Brain’s Math Game and Funtastic Math Game. explains that one particularly useful aspect of electronic based math games in enhancing learning is that they adjust the difficulty of the game to suit each player’s skills, allowing children to gain confidence as they learn and making the game harder only once a skill has been mastered – something that cannot easily be done in a large group classroom setting. More individualized learning can help keep kids from falling behind and prevent others from being bored while waiting for classmates to catch up.

Activity Games

While learning games are useful and can be fun in their own way, it is also good to have a little fun without the pressure of having to get an answer right. The Nook line of apps for kids offers numerous apps that are pure fun. Some of the most popular kid-friendly apps include games like Fruit Ninja, Popcorn Ninja, and Angry Birds – some of which kids see their parents playing as well.

Art and Handwriting

The Washington Post outlines several skills and attributes that are enhanced by participating in the arts. Some of these include problem solving and creativity. By combining the arts with technology, the Nook’s art apps allow kids to participate in learning about and trying art while staying engaged through the technology that they already gravitate towards. Some games include drawing and coloring apps as well as puzzle and picture apps. Touch pad and stylus options make the art apps easy for kids to use. They can even practice skills like handwriting and pattern recognition, which help with other fields of study. Encouraging imagination is important during childhood as it helps kids to develop independent thoughts, think creatively to solve problems, and build confidence in seeing what they have created turn into a piece of art that they can be proud of.

Nook book apps for kids offer an array of entertaining and educational options for children to learn and play. The apps are available on several platforms, including on the Nook e-readers and tablets as well as on Android devices like smartphones and tablets. There are many benefits to combining technology with interactive games and books to help kids learn-the interactive nature of the apps help keep kids focused and engaged while being able to store a lot of information in one place. The Nook kids’ apps make it easy to take fun and learning books, games, and activities anywhere your child goes. The apps can be used at home, in the classroom, or while traveling and are easier to carry around than a bunch of books. Kid friendly apps are an excellent way to get kids used to using technology, build confidence, and develop skills that will be used throughout their lifetimes.


  1. Rosie says

    This is great to know – it would make a nice gift to a child, I never thought of it! So many wonderful options!

  2. PuffyBiggler says

    I wish I was a kid now. All we had were lousy coloring books back in the day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah L says

    My friend’s grandson at 3 years old can do wonders on his dad’s phone.

  4. Nicole Dziedzic says

    Awesome apps to get them learning and bring out creativity, love the Math and color learning one for my little ones, makes it fun too.

  5. Sandy Cain says

    This is pretty cool! I love how the little ones are so computer literate. I see them sitting in the strollers, with pacifiers, using an iPad mini. Just amazing!

  6. shelly peterson says

    These are great apps for my grandson to use, he would have a lot of fun using these.

  7. We just got our son an Android tablet for his birthday. I would love to see which of these apps are available on his device.

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