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I just spent a marvelous day in New York yesterday doing the whole touristy thing. After a good long walk to Time Square from our hotel I was already overwhelmed with the sites, smells and visual stimulation that New York offers. Everywhere I turned there was something I wanted to take a photo of!

By the time we purchased our double decker bus tour pass my dogs were barking at me… I seriously was considering hopping off the bus at the Macy’s stop (did someone say shopping!?) to grab a pair of Sperry woman’s boat shoes. They looked more comfortable than the pair I choose to walk around NYC in! But I resisted because there was so much to see and so little time for me. Maybe when I come back in August for BlogHer with Kaytlin we’ll do a little shopping.

The history that surrounds this city is amazing and overwhelming when you think about it. Our two hour tour of downtown gave us a history lesson from building’s names and background to Macy’s involvement in the parades and shopping district and how Little Italy has slowly been losing their Italian immigrants and is being engulfed by China Town.

It’s been crazy fun so far and even on only three hours sleep, I enjoyed every minute of yesterday. Today is jam packed with interviews and a red carpet walk at the Tribeca Film Festival. I’ll be sure to update everyone and have tons of fun photos to share.


  1. I love NY! We went last spring for my daughter’s 14th birthday, but I was seriously sick and the whole trip seems like a blur now…from all the drugs and meds I was on, I can’t remember everything! I can’t wait to go back at some point and drink it all in!

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