New Years Greetings for Kids

New Years Greetings for Kids

Helping Your Child Wish New Years To Friends & Relatives


New Years marks a new beginning. It is a time when families embark on a new journey. It is a time for sharing and enjoying new resolutions. It is an especially exciting time for the young ones.

After saying good bye to candy canes and sugar plums, your children are probably lounging around the house with their new Christmas toys (and getting ready to go back to school in a few weeks). However, it’s never too late to start helping them at New Year greetings and strengthen their relationships with relatives and friends.

While making kids a part of First Night celebrations with games, music and fireworks is a great idea, educating and helping them with New Years greetings will set a foundation for them to greet close ones regularly in the future. Here are a few ideas to get them started:

Homemade cards

Sit down with your children and help them create cards for family and friends; this could be a fantastic opportunity to let their creativity and imagination run wild. You just need to invest in glue, colored pens, scissors, colored card and colored paper.

To make the card, help the child fold a piece of colored paper in half. Then let him/her select the paper (it is your job to educate about selecting a contrasting pattern or color). Then draw the number of the year on the back or front of the paper. Carefully help the child cut out the number and glue it onto the front of the paper. Lastly, use the colored pen to outline the number.

Note: let the kids use stickers, sequins or glitter. If things start getting messy, remember it’s easy to clean later – treasure the learning moment.

Virtual cards

If your kids have access to your tablet or smartphone, or have one of their own, you can teach them to send New Years greetings, virtually. Hallmark ecards and other services can be used to send personalized New Years wishes. Have everyone in the family offer suggestions about the pre-made design template. Children can write their own messages and choose their card designs online before sending a personalized greeting to the email address of a friend or a relative.

Before educating them about greeting sites, help them set up a personal email account with a name and password they remember. Let the child pick these two out (write it down in case they forget). Also, explain how to type an email address they want to send a message to and that all addresses must be followed by the ‘@’ symbol.

DIY gifts

There are several DIY New Year gifts you can help the kids make. One of them is the New Year mug: it requires no drawing or painting skills. You’ll need a painter’s tape, a porcelain mug and chalkboard paint. Before following the instructions below, make sure the mug is clean and dry.

Along with the kids, use the painter’s tape to mask off the part that would not be painted. This would be the whole area where you won’t write the New Year number and greeting. Use a soft bristle brush to apply the pain: in case the kids mess up, wipe the paint with a wet paper towel and restart. As soon as the painting is finished remove the tape (remove it before the paint dries so it doesn’t peel up the edges of the paint).



  1. Anything that lets the kids be creative is a great idea. We’ve never done New Years cards, but it’s a cute change!

  2. shelly peterson says

    These are great card ideas and fun for the kids if they are old enough to do these on their own. I like the coffee mug idea. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Robin Wilson says

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Those two are absolutely adorable! I love the idea for the mug. It would make a great project to keep in mind throughout the year for any kind of gift. I haven’t used chalkboard paint, but have always wanted to give it a try.

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