New Year New You at Gordmans

New Year, New You at Gordmans

Gift card received. All opinions are my own.

With the new year in full swing I have started taking steps to change and improve my life.

This not only includes my health and physical appearance, but my home as well. Things like decluttering and refreshing the house with new décor do wonders for your overall feeling of well being.


I decided to take my mission to my local Gordmans store to see what kinds of deals I could find.


One of the first things that caught my eye were shoes.

I’ve recently dropped 55 pounds, and my feet have shrunk down a size.

Nothing fits right and my summer shoes won’t stay on my feet!


I can get a little carried away in the cute shoe aisle, but I soon found the athletic shoes and spend quite a bit of time browsing.

In fact, I think I went up and down those aisles at least four or five times each.


I finally stopped when my shopping cart was full and I began trying on shoes.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun that was. I went from a womens 12 to an 11.

That is a world of difference… you can almost never find size 12 but there were more than enough choices in 11!


After the shoes I headed over to the clothing section. I was in desperate need of a pair of jeans that fit.

As you can see… I had my work cut out for me because the selection was that big!


I usually hate the dressing room.

This time I had a blast. I even grabbed a few dressier items to try on.

I decided that I want to dress a little cuter on a daily basis.

Jeans and t-shirts are fine… but when I dress up even a little bit I feel prettier and am generally in a happier mood.


After clothes I decided to head to housewares.

Part of the New Year New Me was drinking more water.

Having a fun cup to drink from makes it easier to remember to keep it with me.

The selection was enormous!


I also spent a bit of time in the home accents department.

It’s crazy how a few accent pillows or a new wall hanging can change the mood of your room.

The selection here was amazing and the prices didn’t make me feel light headed just looking at them!


I spent a good two hours at Gordmans having the time of my life.

From trying things on to browsing for the home I probably could have walked out with three carts full!



My intentions were to only buy for myself… as you can see I ended up buying a pair of shoes for Emma and a pair for Ethan.

BUT… I did buy perfume. That is a rare purchase for me, but along with dressing up a little bit comes wearing a fragrance that makes me feel good about myself.

That combined with the sandals with bling (yep… couldn’t walk away from them!) I have a good start to my New Me.

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Be sure to print this coupon before your next shopping trip to save 20% off one item (click on the coupon to be directed to the pdf)!

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  1. Wehaf says

    I learned that Gordman’s carries Jessica Simpsons underwear line.

  2. Alona Y says

    I would like to take advantage of the misses sale they have, extra 50% off clearance through 2/22.

  3. heather s says

    They carry puma active tennis shoes in cool pink/black

  4. Adrienne gordon says

    I like 50% off misses clearance.

  5. HS says

    I learned they are having clearance sale in stores now.

  6. Deb Jackson says

    I like the misses sale for my granddaughter.

  7. Brittney House says

    I really liked the 50% off clearance items.

  8. Mical says

    I would buy some jeans.

  9. Tricia G says

    I like the TeaLight Candle Block Holders

  10. Hollie Jahnke says

    I love all of their bright colored accents.

  11. terry maigi says

    I love their active wear! I would buy some new running pants!

  12. Melissa M says

    I love Gordmans prices. I would get me some new summer clothes.

  13. BeckyM says

    I like their Jordan boys clothes!

  14. Jennifer Rote says

    I like shopping the footwear. They have so many boots!

  15. vickie couturier says

    i like the cute toddler girl outfits

  16. heather eg kaufman says

    I like the pink/white Puma shoes.

  17. SHelly Powell says

    Love the statement necklaces – I need to make a trip this weekend!!

  18. Diana says

    I love going to store when I visit my sister

  19. steve weber says

    I would get some new Puma shoes.

  20. Soha MOlina says

    I want earbuds.

  21. Soha MOlina says
  22. love the cat cuddler. thankyou, ken

  23. trisha kilpatrick says

    I like their bold accents. I could use some bright and cheerful vases and ceramic decor.

  24. Linda G. says

    I would like to get a new spring from Gorman’s. I like the variety they have to pick from.

  25. Carol says

    I like 50% off misses clearance.

  26. Sarah L says

    I learned they have a store somewhat near me.
    Thanks for the contest.

  27. Susan Christy says

    They will text you special offers – YAY!

  28. David says

    I just moved to the Midwest and had never heard of Gordman’s until recently.

  29. amy rouse says

    some Bearpaw boots

  30. Jessica mcfarlin says

    I like the 50 off clearance

  31. Rebecca Parsons says

    I like that you can earn $10 rewards for every 200 points.

  32. Tara says

    I want a pair of Pumas!

  33. Debbie Welchert says

    I love all their purses and I can’t believe how cheap they are.

  34. KJ Skib says

    I like the extra 50% off Misses Clearance sale going on now!

  35. Beth Brown says

    Believe it or not, I’ve never been in one and so this would give me good reason to go! We have a store just 10 min away too.

  36. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I like their shoe dept

  37. Aaron says

    I learned the value of the Gordmans reward program.

  38. Leela says

    Cross body handbag.

  39. Leela says

    I entered the Samsung WB350 Smart Camera giveaway.

  40. Sarah S says

    I love all their workout clothing!

  41. Kristina says

    I love the Cloth Storage baskets

  42. Francine Anchondo says

    I like their dresses

  43. Rosanne says

    I learned you can join their text club to get savings discounts

  44. They had some nice products and I like that you earn while you shop. Makes you feel less guilty, lol.

  45. Laura J says

    OH I really loved their Roxy shoes for spring! So cute!

  46. Debra Guillen says

    You can receive special offers and savings via text on your phone by texting ‘save’ to 76995

  47. Michelle Plummer says

    I love the huge selection of children’s clothing at great prices.

  48. Heather Dawn says

    I love their home decor section. I could use one of their $19.99 lamps!

  49. gayle gildehaus says

    They have some really cute summer footwear I would like.

  50. Angela W says

    I like 50% off misses clearance.

  51. I would buy a new dress shirt. Possibly new dress pants. I may put it towards new shoes too or just trade the whole thing.

  52. Kim H says

    I want a pair of Roxy shoes

  53. Wendy Rozema says

    I learned they have a rewards card!

  54. Kathy Davis says

    I like the cute shoes they have.

  55. Ed says

    There is a Gordmans in Vernon Hills. Illinois!

  56. Michelle D says

    I learned they also sell swimwear at great prices!

  57. Coriander Warren says

    I didn’t realize this, but we have a Gordman’s very close by! Wow!

  58. Lisa V. says

    I like the sandal selections.

  59. Mariah says

    I learned about their rewards program

  60. Mariah says

    I learned about their rewards program

  61. Stephanie Larison says

    I learned they have belted vests for only $14.99 right now. My daughter has been asking for one.

  62. Erica B. says

    I didn’t know they had such good prices.

  63. Theresa Smith says

    I like the Junior sleepwear. My granddaughter loves pajamas.

  64. Jean D. says

    I learned that Gordman’s will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  65. Kelly LaBrecque says

    What a great little store!

  66. Kelly LaBrecque says

    What a great contest

  67. Melanie Montgomery says

    I would get some snadals for the summer!

  68. Vicki D. says

    I want and need some cloth organizing baskets for our basement. I have metal shelves, but I need baskets to put everything. Then, it will be more organized and it will look better.

  69. Susan Smith says

    I learned they have a rewards card.

  70. Brenda Elsner says

    I learned that they have a rewards program!!!!

  71. Susan Smith says

    Entered the Samsung WB350 Smart Digital Camera

  72. Candie L says

    I like their selection of young men’s clothes. thank you

  73. Breanne says

    I learned you can receive savings on your phone.

  74. I learned about their spring break pricing structure.

  75. Lily Kwan says

    I learned that the company is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

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