Natures Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review


Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to improve your health, your memory, your metabolism and weight, overall mood and your immune functions. Seriously… you skimp on sleep and your body pays in the long run.

My 19 year old daughter, Kaytlin, is currently in college and working on a foundation for her future. A great nights sleep is imperative for her to perform well. Unfortunately, a new mattress set was not (and has not) been in the cards for us to purchase for her. When the opportunity arose to try out a Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper I knew Kaytlin needed one before the rest of us.  

The Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a whopping 3” thick. When it arrived in a tiny box I thought they might have sent us a twin on accident. We opened the box and heaved the topper onto the floor and let it expand on it’s own. Once fully expanded we were pleasantly surprised that it indeed was the right size and the quality of the foam was amazing. We excitedly went to Kaytlin’s room to install.

This topper installs right over your mattress. Simply position the foam on the end and roll it out. The fit was exact with no overhang.

Screen shot 2012-03-15 at 7.38.33 PM

As you can see, the memory foam thickness is substantial, unlike many other products out there that provide a thinner layer but boast the same amount of comfort.


The cover slides over the memory foam topper and your mattress to keep it in place and protect your investment. I like this particular method, as my experience with other toppers are they zip open like a sleeping bag and it’s difficult to readjust if it happens to slide around. That being said, Kaytlin has had no issues with the Nature’s Sleep topper sliding or moving. She has a very old mattress without the pillow top so the cover is a little baggy on the topper. This is good news for pillow top owners, though, as it has ample room to cover and hold on so you can avoid the “slide up” that happens with sheets that don’t fit well.


I love how when you lay on this topper you can feel it slowly molding to your body. It does a great job of making Kaytlin’s lumpy older firm mattress softer and more comfortable to rest in. Once I laid on it I had second thoughts on who was the new owner of this fountain of comfort. But, alas, I left it on the bed for her enjoyment.


I am happy to report Kaytlin feels like she has a new mattress. This small investment gave new life to an old mattress and is allowing her to rest more comfortably. I’m actually having a more difficult time getting her out of bed now… thanks Nature’s Sleep!

But don’t take just my word for it. Kaytlin decided to wear her FitBit during her last night before we switched the toppers. It was her weekend, so you can see she went to bed very late at 1:34am. During her 8 hours and 19 minutes in bed, she woke up 8 times. I’ve seen her sleep, and I’m fairly positive these periods of wake were spent tossing and trying to find another comfortable spot before going back to sleep.


We then installed her topper she wore her FitBit again. She decided to go to bed around the same time for a more accurate comparison. During her 9 hours and 5 minutes in bed, she only woke up 2 times. Yes… TWO TIMES. From 4:30 am on she slept like a rock… or a baby. When she awoke she felt amazing and refreshed instead of groggy and grumpy.


You can think out of the box with Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Toppers, as well. They can be used like we did to soften a mattress that is too firm, used on a Sofabed mattress to stop those bars from cutting into your back, or even placed on the floor when the kids have their friends over. They are versatile and easy to move around if need be.


You can purchase quality memory foam mattresses online as well as mattress toppers at Nature’s Sleep

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  1. We deal with our memory foam topper moving around, I like that this one won’t wiggle around! Looks ultra gooshy too, thanks for the review~

  2. Kay M says

    These beds sound amazing. I’d love to have one someday.

  3. Crystal Epperson says

    I would love to have one!

  4. We have an actual memory foam mattress and I would never purchase anything else again, except perhaps a new regular mattress and this topper. It’s wonderful!

  5. Amy says

    Wow, that is amazing… I know I tend to toss and turn at times…I so could use a good night of sleep…What is a FitBit?

  6. Marlena Curley says

    This sounds like a great way to add some comfort without the expense of a whole new matress. I desperately need a more comfortable matress but cant afford 1 just yet.

  7. That looks amazing and we could really use one for our bed! The amount of times she woke up with this on was amazing compared to without! Great comparison and that really tells a lot about how great the product is!

  8. I would LOVE to have a memory foam topper. I like that this one would stay in place with the cover over it.

  9. Gianna says

    That looks so comfortable!

  10. christina moore says

    thank you, I will try this

  11. Shirley says

    I think that memory foam probably comes in different qualities. Mine springs back very quickly and doesn’t “keep” the molded shape.

  12. Leslie Galloway says

    okay… I’m already worn out from today. Now I’m really having to fight from going to bed. That looks so super comfy! I love the personal evidence from the charts. Fun!

  13. Dina J says

    I have wanted to invest in a memory foam mattress after I tested one out at my friend’s house. They are so comfortable and I love how they conform to your body. Great review! I will now consider a Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper!

  14. Kathy Smith says

    What a great way t kinda “refurbish” a tired mattress!! I am going to tell my husband about this in the A.M.

  15. Mimi says

    Oh my goodness, that is SO nice. I have a memory foam pillow and it’s the best sleep I’ve ever had. I think if I had this on my bed, I’d never leave it!! Very jealous!!

  16. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This sounds like the ideal product for us. Thanks

  17. I would LOVE to have this!! Thank you for the review!

  18. Wow this is awesome. I have a pillow top one but would love to get am memory foam mattress. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Lindsay Sorensen says

    Make me want to go buy one just for the gooshyness of it, Looks so comfy!

  20. Cindy says

    Wow that is future! . I need to change my mattress from a while now..but I imagine this one costs a lot…

  21. Susan says

    This sounds like a great topper. Iam 76 and need a comfortable bed.

  22. Cady Okoh says

    This sounds like an awesome topper. I need a new mattress and might buy this to put on top of my new mattress.

  23. Beth Good says

    I’ve been wanting a memory foam mattress topper for so long. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get one.

  24. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I want this, I’ve wanted one for a long time

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