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As many of you know, I am a firm believer in vitamins. I am also a firm believer in Nature Made Vitamins. Up until recently I have mainly taken a multi, calcium citrate, baby asprin (for my clotting disorder) and a B complex.

After spending some time with the gals from Nature Made at O You!, I found out how important Vitamin D3 is to our diet and that it’s not found in a lot of the every day foods most people eat. Vitamin D deficiency is a big cause of low mood and energy as well as heart health problems. We need vitamin D to aid in absorption of calcium, to boost breast, colon and prostate health as well as maintaining a healthy mood.

I was sent on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart to find Nature Made Vitamin D3. I’d love for you to take a peek at my entire visit here, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek…

Our local store with a fresh makeover. Emma still moans that she misses the blue paint almost every time we visit.

2011-11-16 11.02.16

We found an entire row dedicated to vitamin D and a large selection of Nature Made Vitamin D3. Look how affordable it is to improve some very important aspects of your health!

2011-11-16 11.25.18

Emma models the large bottle of Vitamin D3 for me. I think it was a hint that maybe Mommy needed a mood pick me up a little more than I realized.

2011-11-16 11.27.31

We finally made it to the check out. I believe Emma had reached the end of her rope… wonder if they had children’s Vitamin D3 supplements for her mood?

2011-11-16 12.21.48
Take a look at some important information about Vitamin D deficiency…

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions remain 100% my own. #cbias #VitaminD


  1. Katie Smih says

    Just have to ask do you have factor 5? My husband, son and sister in law all have it and they have to be on a blood thinner.

    • Yes, I do. I had to take shots throughout my pregnancies with Emma & Ethan so I wouldn’t clot into the placenta. I lost a baby before Emma in the 2nd trimester from it.

  2. Rosie Richter says

    Great blog! I read both of them, loved going “shopping” with you guys! Very informative, and very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed this little adventure! (cute little models too)!

  3. Summer Len Davis says

    I have been meaning to pick some Vitamin D up for the past few months and I always forget!!!! I’m going to go add it to my list right now. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Hahah her mood! Vitamin D is always something I overlook. Thanks for the post!

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