Must Haves For The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Party

I love throwing parties for the kids around the holidays, and of course, a St. Patrick’s Day party is a must. Having everything rainbow and green themed is a must, and our sponsor is just the place to go to make that happen. Not only will you want to stock up on all the best St. Patrick’s Day recipes and crafts to make the party the best you’ve ever thrown, but you’ll want to make sure you grab some specific items from Zazzle to make it the ultimate party!

Must Haves For The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Party

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Awesome St. Patrick’s Day or Irish foods. You probably already recognize the corned beef and cabbage as a classic Irish dish often served on St. Patrick’s Day. You could also arrange a great sandwich buffet using classic Irish Soda Bread with fried potatoes alongside your favorite luncheon meats and cheeses for a simple tasty buffet. The real star of the show though has to be in the green and shamrock themed desserts. Green colored cakes, cookies or classic fruit punch can all make the party the best place to be on St. Patrick’s Day.

Party Favors. Things like the super cute St. Patrick’s Day temporary tattoos or the various Irish-themed stickers on Zazzle are perfect for adding to a bag along with some candy or treats that lead you to the pot of gold the mythical leprechaun is always looking for!

Party Hats. What’s a party without a great hat? There are tons of unique St. Patrick’s day party hats to choose from. Simple classic trucker hats declaring you are Irish are great for the hosts to wear, or fun visors that say, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” can be great additions to hand out to your guests. A hat is always a great addition to any St. Patrick’s Day party and sets you apart in a crowd.

St. Patrick’s Day themed plates and napkins. You can decorate easily with green or rainbow colors, but to add that special splash of fun to your party you really need a great St. Patrick’s Day plate for serving your rainbow cakes on. Cute St. Patrick’s Day bar napkins are ideal for keeping moisture off your table underneath cups of green punch, or to wipe off sticky faces after kids have eaten a few too many cupcakes!

Fun St. Patrick’s Day games. Whether it is trying to pin the rainbow on the pot of gold, guessing how many gold coins are in the pot at the end of the rainbow, or pulling out classic board games and adding a St. Patrick’s Day twist games are a must. For your winners, present a great St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt to wear home! Choose from tons of styles on Zazzle that includes men’s and women’s, classic holiday themes, rainbows or the ultimate green t-shirt that announces your Irish heritage.

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Put together an amazing St. Patrick’s Day party for your friends, family, and kids using these great tips!


  1. Karen Glatt says

    I will be making some delicious St. Patty’s day food next week and I love making Irish Soda Bread. Corned beef and cabbage is what I will be having!

  2. Sarah L says

    Corned beef & cabbage is on my menu too. I’ll be wearing green but no party.

  3. Jenn says

    I made soda bread and corned beef this year. These are really cute items. I love the square plates.

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