Munchkin Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer

Munchkin Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer


Munchkin has a great supply of baby products to help us moms out with making life with a baby easier. That’s why I was tickled when Munchkin sent me a Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer to review (free of charge, all opinions are 100% my own). I so wish I had this with my first child. Breast Feeding didn’t work out well with him and at 6 weeks I had to put him on formula. The constant washing and cleaning was a lot of work but I had to make sure that I had everything ready for the next day. Of course, the biggest concern was making sure they were cleaned properly and sterilized before the next feedings. I was thrilled to pull the Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer out and start trying it out. There isn’t much to it… the steamer it self, your bottle rack, tongs, and a measuring cup.

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The instructions were very easy to understand and straight forward. Use the measuring cup to pour in 4 oz of water onto the heat element in the bottom of the steamer, place your bottles and accessories on the try and set the tray in the steamer. Next, put the lid on, lock it, and press the power button. The whole sterilizing process only takes 6 minutes… amazingly fast. The bottle rack can hold up to 9 bottles and accessories at a time. The rack slides up and down to customize the perfect snug fit for any bottles that you may be using, tall or short.

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A couple things I noticed that I like about the sterilizer are: 1. The measuring cup has a little screen on the pour spout to help filter the water as you pour it into the sterilizer. 2. The steam vent is placed at the back of the sterilizer lid to prevent burning yourself when the steamer is on. 3. The lid has locks on the sides so little hands can’t open the lid while it’s turned on. 4. The racks are a great size to hold a good amount of bottles but you can also do small loads like sanitizing soothers. 5. It is FAST… only taking 6 minutes to sterilize your bottles and accessories. 6. Tongs are included to remove your objects to prevent you from burning your fingers.


The Munchkin Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer is a very well thought out product. It’s not high tech or crazy hard to figure out. It’s simple, easy to use, and fast… allowing us to have more free time to spend with our babies.

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  1. Alisha says

    I got this sterilizer from a friend but she didn’t have the measuring cup…I read in the instructions it says to clean it once a week using half water and half vinager could you tell me how many ounces of each I need to use? Thanks!

  2. Ataway1 says

    From Munchkin site:

    1. Fill the Measuring Cup with half water and half white household vinegar and pour into the sterilizer.
    2. Replace the Dome Lid and switch on the unit for one complete cycle. Ensure you allow adequate ventilation for the strong
    vinegar odor!
    3. Allow the unit to cool for at least 10 minutes.
    4. Drain the sterilizer and rinse fully.
    5. Run a full empty cycle with the Dome Lid on using 120ml of water,

  3. Ataway1 says

    Oops, measuring cup is 4 oz, 120 mL total…so half of that for each of water and white vinegar…

  4. Mol says

    Could someone let me know how to clean it please?

  5. Rosa says

    You don’t use vinegar only water. Thats what the instructions say. The hot steam sterilizes your baby’s bottles. You still have to wash the bottles before you place them in the sterilizer. You cant place dirty bottles in it. And add the 4 oz. Of water then just turn it in and it cleans quick. You have to let it all cool off or you can burn yourself.

  6. Rosa says

    Oops I just realized they were saying to clean the sterilizer you can use water and vinegar once a week. I don’t recall that in the instructions but sounds like it’s not a bad idea actually. I thought they were talking about to clean the bottles you need vinegar.

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