Muffin Tin Tuesday…

In an effort to make lunch a little more fun, I declared today
“Muffin Tin Tuesday!”

My goal… to make lunch a little more fun and hopefully the munchkins would actually eat more than a bird :O).
I took an ordinary muffin tin… added
goldfish crackers
cucumber slices
yogurt to dip the strawberries in
ranch dressing to dip the cucumbers in
PBJ made on pumpernickel bread cut into star shapes
So, how did I do?
Emma seemed to approve! 
She even offered me a little “ABC” food. Silly girl…
So, what about Ethan?
Licking his fingers… I guess that’s a good sign?
All in all, I think it went over well. It was a different way to present the same ole same ole. 
What do YOU do to help make lunchtime more fun? 


  1. Kalee says

    I've seen others do this and have it work so well! I think the best part is they get a little of a lot of things, which tends to be healthier.

  2. Michelle Feliciano says

    love that idea!

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