Moving with Kids | Tips For a Smooth Transition

Moving in a New House With 4 Youngsters

Moving is a stressful experience for most people, but those who have a family to move with them will probably experience much more anxiety about the move than most others.  Not only are they responsible for the move itself, but they are also dealing with their children on top of it.  So how does a family of five properly move into a new house without too much hassle and stress?

Smiley moving family - couple with a kidAssuming you have already clearly spoken to your children about what’s about to happen and the realistic expectations they should have in their minds, it’s really time to start taking inventory of everything in the house.  Moving into a new house is a great time to start decluttering and deciding what’s needed versus what isn’t. 

Understandably, children aren’t going to be very happy about getting rid of anything they own, but if you find broken toys or worn out furniture, it’s probably better just to replace them than pay to move them elsewhere. Try bargaining with your kids to get rid of the old so they can get something new.  Magnussen furniture is a great place where families can get new furniture, and they have enough variety that even your kids can find something worth tossing their broken toys out for.

The next thing to decide is what’s worth being moved and what isn’t.  Obviously, larger and heavier pieces of furniture are going to cost more to move and sometimes, the cost of moving it is much more expensive than just buying a new item.  It might take some time, but it’s really worth figuring out if moving something is cost effective before loading it onto the truck.  Again, kids aren’t happy when their things don’t make the cut, but if they know they’re about to get something better and brand new, they’re probably going to be a lot happier about it.  Be careful not to toss anything of sentimental value though.

Taking the kids to see the house before the official move in day is a great idea.  Children are territorial and very competitive by nature – they’re going to fight over the rooms.  Letting them see the place before crunch time hits not only lets them get a feel for the house and the neighborhood, but it will also give all four children the opportunity to think over their decision.  Sometimes after the novelty of a new room wears off, they aren’t nearly as compulsive about having the one they originally wanted.  And it also gives you the time, should two of them want the same room, to come to an established agreement before the big day hits.

Lastly, let them be involved.  Most kids love to be included in any type of large event and moving is definitely huge.  Let them help you choose paints or the flowers for the front garden.  It will help them adjust to the change as well as allow them to feel like they’re a part of something special.


This post was written by R. Wilcox


  1. Vickie Couturier says

    some really good advice,im going to save this for my kids for when then need to move again,for the grandkids

  2. Michelle Feliciano says

    love the tip about letting them be involved

  3. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    We move often being a military family and its stressful packing and unpacking and then moving here and there with 3 kids.Luckily my daughter has liked moving so far but im sure as she gets older and makes closer friends she wont be as easy to leave peacefully.

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