Moving? How to Survive the First Week in Your New Place

How to Survive the First Week in Your New Place

Moving-TruckWhen moving, it is important to plan a head. You still may run into some unexpected obstacles, but it can be a smoother experience with proper planning. You move may be hundreds of miles away or just right across town. Regardless, moving all of your stuff–especially if you do not have any help–is often a stressful experience.

This is why some individuals choose to hire movers. It can help the transition be a bit easier and a bit more relaxing, especially if you have to move by a certain date for your new job. Oftentimes you may arrive at your new home before all of your belongings. This leaves you with only a few essential items like clothes, possibly some bathroom items and some kitchen appliances to help you get by. Here are some things to help you survive your first week in a new home:

A Temporary Sleeping Arrangement

It is not the most enjoyable experience to sleep on the floor. Although you may not have your bed, there is a more comfortable solution then spending a week on the ground. Platform beds are a great temporary bed while you wait for all of your belongings. It is a great idea to buy it ahead of time and have it shipped straight to your new home (imagine the relief knowing that you don’t have to worry where you’ll sleep when you move in!). You can order it so that you and this new bed arrive on the same day. After you have all of your belongings you can use your temporary bed in a place such as the guest bedroom.

Finding a Place to Stay Connected

In this day and age, staying connected in very important. But when moving into a new home there are certain things that take some time. For instance, getting an internet connection set up. Sometimes it can be a week or so before internet can get connected in a new home. Although it may not be the most convent thing, there are many places that offer free internet while you wait. For some that need absolute silence –whether it be for work or school– the local library can be a great option. Other possibilities are local fast food and coffee shops. While it may not be ideal, living without Internet at home does not mean that you can’t stay connected.

You can also check in advance whether your new location offers 5G services on sites, such as With these tools, you can figure out what coverage you have and where you can get it if it isn’t available in your home.

Pre-Moving Tips to Stay Organized Post-Move 

Finally, it would be wise to take some extra steps before you move to make sure that your life post-move is as easy and stress-free as possible. For example, consider utilizing the services of one of the best cross country moving companies reviewed by Moving Astute’s editorial team. This will help ensure that your belongings are being handled with care and are arriving at your new home safely. 

It would also be wise to label all of your boxes before you move. This will help with unpacking as you know exactly what belongs in each room. And, it may even limit the amount of time that you spend organizing your belongings after moving day.  

Moving into a new place can be very frightening. Sometimes unexpected situations arise and there are many things that you cannot plan for. However, there are can be quick and easy solutions for most situations. Little tips and tricks and make a difficult move a little easier.


  1. This has some really great things to consider. Thanks for posting this information.

  2. I have moved more than 10 times and it’s always a nightmare. Especially the times when I changed not only the apartments but also the countries 😉
    I work “from home” but when there’s no home yet or no internet in the new home I usually go to local cafes – just like you mentioned. Sometimes its easier to get inspired there! 🙂

  3. Gina Brickell says

    Moving is such a headache! What I have done in the past is call ahead and request that the internet etc be turned on ahead of time, that way it’s up and running for you when you get there… Most companies can do it for you that way.

  4. Tracy Allen says

    I have moved so many times in my life. With my husband’s job we have criss-crossed the country several times. We are staring at what we hoe will be the last move for a long time once our house is built. I have to say I love the short moves within the same city much more than the long ones. We have tried everything: rent a truck, U-Pak and professional movers all have their pluses and minuses.
    You are so right that the only thing that will keep you sane for any size move is planning a preparation. I find it helps to mentally divide your stuff into what you need daily and what you can live without for awhile. Make a few special tubs/totes for the essentials that you want at hand all the time.
    For sleeping – our best choice was an air bed. It’s comfy, portable and comes in handy for guests later.

  5. Jennifer Hedden says

    We recently moved from Colorado to Missouri and it was a headache. We rented a big uhaul truck and did it ourselves and if we ever have to move that far again we will definitely use movers. We moved back to my hometown, so we were lucky to be able to stay with my parents and use their internet. I know that being prepared and planning ahead can make moving much smoother. Next time we move I will definitely try to be more prepared. Thank you for the great post!

  6. Rich Hicks says

    Moving is the pits but sometimes you have to do it. Before you know it the first week passesquickly and you begin to get settled in.

  7. Nice tips! I’m moving at the end of the month and I’m so nervous about all that. Your advises are quite helpful to handle with the situation, and I’ll have them on mind while working on my move. Thank you for sharing!

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