Movies on the Go- the Secret to Happy Families


Movies on the Go- the Secret to Happy Families


Driven mad:
When the car door slams shut, it’s time to hit the road. You’ve got a long ride ahead to see family or friends, so did you figure how to keep your kids entertained along the way? We’ve all had nightmare journeys where the kids have been on the verge of killing each other, you’ve got a pounding headache, your partner is turning red from shouting behind the wheel, and that’s even before you’ve left the drive!
TDBODY LIFE BOOSTERSEATS 1 SPCAR SAFETY  hrTake a tablet and feel better:
Amazingly, there is a way to keep the journey quiet and relatively stress free. All it needs is an electronic tablet. You’ll have some happy kids plugged in to a few downloaded movies to keep them occupied, giving you and your partner some much appreciated peace and quiet, so you can all enjoy the voyage.
There are all sorts of child user-friendly tablets available. Whether your choice is an Apple iPad, a Windows Surface, or a Samsung Galaxy, tablets are easy to grip and hold with little hands. These are also great gadgets for you or your partner to enjoy as well, such as instead of hefting around heavy laptops to work, or if you want to look something up quickly online or read e-books. Whatever else you want to do, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that.
Most importantly, for your kid’s entertainment, you can download films straight to the device, using NetFlix or LoveFilm, to watch on the move. If you just want to see your kids distracted through the trip, you can claim a free 30 day trial of the services. A pretty good deal to ensure a bit of peace wherever you go!
Disc-drive down the cost:
However, tablets don’t come too cheap, so why not sell some of your old movie discs to put towards this new purchase? Money exchange websites, such as music magpie, will take your unwanted DVD and Blu-Ray discs, and swap it quickly and easily for cash. Blu-rays will fetch more than DVDs in general, since these offer a higher visual and audio quality when played. It’s free to post these movies, and with orders of over 25 items you can even opt in for their free pick-up service. Once you’re discs have been received, you’ll then attain you’re earned accumulated total securely.
So what you waiting for? Start musicMagpie’ing your discs to put towards your movie-filled tablet treasure trove, so you can all drive away happy.
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  1. We are going to be driving from IL down to FL in a few months so we’ve been thinking about purchasing a tablet for our 3 year old. She usually watches Netflix on our Nook but I’m thinking a tablet would be a better idea. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Those are some great ideas. I like the idea of sell off the old DVDs and earning a few bucks towards the new tablet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Christina Jackson says

    I love the idea of selling off old DVDs to help pay for it! What a great idea.

  4. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I have a kindle fire and I love it. I put a show on for my toddler and she will sit quietly 🙂 I always wonder what parents did before all the technology we have lol

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