How Moms Can Care for Kids Even With a Disability

How Moms Can Care for Kids Even With a Disability

Osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and cerebral palsy are just a few of the diseases that impair mobility. Mothers dealing with either of these disabilities may find it difficult to get around, much less manage a full house with children. Many women prefer not to give up the homes they have raised their families in, and instead prefer to try and make it work in the home they have rather than moving to a smaller place. Moms with disabilities are still perfectly capable of caring for their kids and large house, it just may take a bit more creativity to figure out how to do it efficiently.

Get a Stair Lift

If it’s difficult to walk around one level, it’s most likely nearly impossible to get up and down stairs between two levels. Getting a stair lift will help ensure moms can make their way up and down to any part of the house they need. Stair Lifts & Residential Chair Lifts can get installed with the help of a professional who will make sure the system is properly in place and ready to use before leaving. With a staircase already in the home, a chair system can simply be added to it to make the best use out of the space for disabled parents. Home elevators may be another possibility, but these would create an entirely new addition rather than a simple enhancement to an already-existing part of the home.

Keep the House Well-Lit

Falls are common among people with mobility problems. Keeping the house well-lit is just one way to help beat the impairment of osteoporosis and similar diseases. It will ensure mothers can see all the clutter left behind their kids and get around the house more easily without falling. With lights throughout the entire house, every room will have minimized risks of tripping. Adding lights everywhere possible is good to start. The curtains on the windows can also get left open to help bring in some natural sunlight during the daytime hours.

Stay Active

While people with mobility issues may not be able to walk or run, they can still do their best to stay active. Chair exercises help older or disabled adults work on their upper body strength. Using free weights is a great way to enhance the workout, making the arms work even harder to get in shape. With some activity in their lives, mothers may have an easier time of keeping up the energy to deal with children on a regular basis. Too many people resort to couch-potato status and do not stay as involved in their kids’ lives as they should.

Utilize Local Resources

Moms don’t have to do it all. It can be tiring to take care of kids, and a break is often needed. Utilizing local resources is one of the best ways mothers can care for the kids whether they have a disability or not. Options like ordering take-out rather cooking, hiring a babysitter, and even getting a housekeeper are all possible.

Mobility-impairing diseases may stop many people, but not often moms. Mothers can still care for their kids despite their illness, if only by implementing a few of these methods. With a well-lit house, stair lift, high level of activity, and the help of local resources, moms can continue living in their large house with their children and getting things accomplished as needed.

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