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Out of the box
I was sent a Mobo Tot Disney-Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen cruiser bike to try out. Mobo bikes are known for their high quality, durable three wheeled cruiser bikes and I knew my kids would be excited to try it out!

After opening up the box there is some assembly required. It took me about 30 minutes to put the bike together as there are a few nuts and bolts that take a bit to get tight. The tools required to put the bike together do come with the bike which is nice, however there was one wrench that didn’t fit and was too small.

Adjusting the frame size
Once assembled my kids were instantly drawn to the look and design of the cruiser.

The cruiser is suggested for ages 2-5 with a weight capacity of 100 lbs.

The Frame grows with your child. Pull out the side nob to adjust the length of the frame needed for the child that will be riding, then to lock it in place tighten and lock the side leaver, to ensure safe riding.

I’m quite amazed at how small the cruiser goes.

4 year old on the cruiser
My 4 year old daughter jumped right on the bike anxious to give it a spin.

It does take some leg power to get the bike moving. McKenna had a bit of a hard time peddling the bike and figuring it out and she ended up getting frustrated and gave up.
6 year old on the cruiser
I let my son on it even though he is 6. At 44 lbs. he was still within the weight limit.

He hopped on the bike and off he went. Karson was all smiles as he took off with no problems down the street.

There was a lot of back and forth on the street as he was figuring out the steering. Once the steering was figured out he was having so much fun doing doughnuts up and down the street.

Rear steering
The steering on the Mobo Cruiser is a rear wheel steering system with a reversibility function.

Karson has a lot of fun with the rear steering as this is a new feature for him. I can sure see how well this cruiser works on improving and developing their motor skills, while increasing arm and leg muscle strength.

Hand break
The Mobo cruiser is built low to the ground, so it’s super sturdy with no fears of tipping over.

There is no chain on this bike so it’s low maintenance.

There is a hand brake for the braking system. I love that the brake is super easy to squeeze for little hands.

The front wheel I would say is about a 12″ and the back are 6.5″. The tires are a never flat tires which is a huge plus. I did notice that the “grip” on the tire to the road was a little off. Karson had a little problem with the wheels spinning when he would try to peddle too fast.

Stylish cruiser
Overall I would say that the Mobo Tot cruiser is a fun new twist on kids bikes. It’s sure worked for my kids to get them outside and find new adventures.

As for the age range, I would put around at least 4 years old, unless you’re pushing your child on the bike or they have fabulous eye hand coordination.

Head over to www.toysrus.com and pick up your  Mobo Tot Disney-Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen cruiser just in time for Christmas.

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You can purchase the Mobo Tot at Toys R Us


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    I watched the video and love when they make a car ramp!

  4. I also think the mandatory question was meant to be different. I would love to win this for my nephew and I love that this cruiser improves observational and motor skills.

  5. jennifer says

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    I love the father and daughter working together making the ramp that will be a great memory for her

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  8. Melissa M says

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    Now that’s one cool Dad! Looks like fun 🙂

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    I think that was a huge mess. And they needed more milk with that big of a mess. Good time spent with her dad though.

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    I would NOT want to clean up that mess! I would love this cruiser for my youngest son.

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    I would love to win this for my grandson – he would love riding this! Great video – quite a project to serve breakfast cereal!

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    I like the big smiles on both their faces during the whole video.

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    thank you

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    I love this cruiser. It would be perfect for my two kids. I think it would be great for expanding their motor skills and it would keep them outside more (although, they are always outside as it is!).

    As for the video, they are really creative. It made me want a big bowl of cereal!

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    • Kelly D says

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    Learned they have several awards inclucing 2014 Toy Insider award

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