Miracle Gro Princess Castle Greenhouse Review

Princess Castle Greenhouse

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The Disney Princess Castle Greenhouse from Miracle-Gro® Kids brings the enchantment of Disney princesses into the world of gardening!

It combines the ease of the Miracle-Gro® Gro-Pod™ system with the captivating allure of Disney’s most popular princesses featuring a castle-shaped design.


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When I think of spring, I think of flowers, so when I got the chance to review the Princess Castle Greenhouse, I figured it was a great opportunity to teach my four-year-old a little about plants.  We opened the box & easily got it all set up.  The instructions were very easy to follow which I appreciated!  Mikenah was so excited, she was giggling while we were pouring the dirt into the cups.  She loved that it had princess plant markers.  Once we got everything done, she was ready for the flowers to grow.  Like NOW!

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It only took a few days and the first sprouts were poking out of the dirt.  Mikenah was very excited to see her flowers popping up!  This is where it went wrong.  The problem wasn’t that the greenhouse or the flowers were faulty.  But the problem is that I have a “black thumb”.  🙁  I kill most plants & so it didn’t surprise me that these died too.  I’m thinking we over-watered them, but I’m not sure.

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I do recommend this greenhouse for a fun way to teach little ones about plants.  Mikenah loved the princess theme & she had fun planting her seeds.  I think when we do it again, I will be more careful with watering & maybe transfer them outdoors sooner.

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The Miracle Gro Princess Castle Greenhouse retails for $12.99. For more information visit www.Peachtreeplaythings.com


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  8. I like that they’ve included kids in the gardening process – to get them to understand that food doesn’t magically appear on store shelves, and that they’ve got nice recipes for the kids as well.

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  58. Fun Facts about gardening!
    Gladys P
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