Microsoft Announces “Chip In” Student PC Crowd-Funding Program‏ #WindowsChampions

I am posting this message as part of the Windows Champions program. I received loan of a laptop for a year as well as other opportunities to review Microsoft products.

Back when I was in high school and college, not many people had personal computers of their own. We all made our daily visit to a computer lab and our purpose was mainly word processing. I have two older children, ages 21 and 16, and times have changed! Now both of them need computers for school. Fortunately for my son his high school is starting a program where students can check out laptops for the year. My daughter, 21, isn’t as fortunate. She just transferred from the local community college to a state university as an upper classman but has to provide her own computer.


The new Microsoft “Chip In” crowd-funding program is fabulous for kids in that situation!

Microsoft is launching a new seasonal student buying program called “Chip In” to help students get a new Windows 8 PC for back to school. A pilot program this year, Chip In lets students with a valid .edu email address crowd-source funds to help them purchase a qualified PC of their choosing from

Microsoft will “chip in” 10% of the purchase price and for the first 10,000 students to fully fund their PC, Microsoft will also “chip in”  Office 365 University at no additional charge!

The Lenovo IdeaPad 13, Acer S7 Ultrabook and HP ENVY x2 are all great options for students at any level – check out the full list of PCs at!

The program runs through September 1, 2013.

So if you know a college student that is needing a laptop but isn’t sure how they are going to fund one… “Chip In” just might be their answer!



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