Melted Crayon Art | 100th Day Of School Project

Crayon Art | 100th Day Of School Project

Today was Emma’s 100th day of school. The class was celebrating with a 100th Day Art Show featuring the kindergarten class’s artwork. The parents were tasked with coming up with an idea with the child and helping them create their masterpiece.

After some web surfing, Emma decided on a melted crayon art project that she saw on this blog. Although she could not complete this project on her own, she could do a good deal of it with adult supervision. After a quick visit to the local craft store for a canvas and some hot glue, Emma and Kaytlin got to work. Pulling from our stash of new boxes of crayons, they counted out 100 of them… sorting out the colors that Emma decided she didn’t want to include.

By the way, professional paper writers from PaperWriter say that this type of exercise can not only develop imagination but also improve creative thinking skills that can be beneficial for future kid’s writing endeavors.


The next task was for Emma to sort the colors into two piles. This was great practice for reading, sorting and counting skills.


She found similar colors and put one in each pile so that they would be on opposite sides of the canvas from each other in the end.


After she sorted the colors into two piles she had to count them to make sure she had 50 in for each side.


This is where your child will need the most supervision. You will need a hot glue gun, a canvas or foam board and the 100 crayons you previously sorted.


After measuring how wide the stack of crayons was, Kaytlin marked the beginning point for each side on the canvas so that the crayons would be centered in the finished product. She then placed a line of hot glue on the canvas while Emma waited to place the crayon.


Be sure to remind your child NOT to touch the glue as it is still hot on the canvas. Once the glue gun was out of the way, Emma placed the crayon with the end flush against the edge the canvas and gave it a good push down.


As you can see, Emma was really concentrating during this task. When she was finished I asked her if she was having fun… in which she replied, “YES!”.


Once all of the crayons have been glued onto the canvas, you will need a hair dryer.


The girls took the project outside to avoid wax splatter in the house. After some direct heat the crayons began to melt!


It wasn’t long before they both came back inside. Apparently it was a little too cold outside for the wax to travel very far down the canvas. They set up their station on the hard wood floor (for easy wax removal) with an old vinyl tablecloth underneath just in case the wax sprayed a bit.


Emma was so proud of the art project when she was finished.


I wish I could have captured the beaming smile on Emma’s face as she skipped into school today with her project. Although she was unable to create it completely on her own, she was able to help a great deal and the “art” is all her own. When the art show is complete Emma will be proudly hanging this on her wall in her bedroom.




  1. brett says

    SUPER CUTE!! I love it!

    I really really really love your pink glue gun too.

    • Thanks Brett!!! Emma was excited to pick out the pink glue gun… we didn’t really need a new one but Kaytlin left my old one at school (now I know why my mom always got so frustrated with me when I “borrowed” her stuff!)

  2. Very Cute! What a cool project for 100 day of school. I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. I too love your glue gun. 🙂

    • Thanks Diane! My oldest had my other glue gun at college so Emma got to pick out a new one. She knows mommy loves pink 😉

  3. Belinda says

    How cool is that! My boys would have a blast making it! Very unique way to celebrate the 100th day 🙂

    • Thanks Belinda! I also thought of just doing it in the shape of a heart. Just the crayons this way would be cute… not sure about melting it though.

  4. Kari H says

    Now this is an awesome 100th day of school project. We usually do posters or some kind of snack. I think my kids’ classes would enjoy this!

    • Thanks Kari! I think it could be done as a class project as well, each child doing a set number of the crayons and then taking turns with the hair dryer. Emma was beaming even though two other girls did the same project (luckily they were in other classes LOL).

  5. Holly S. says

    This looks so cool! My kids would love to do this project and it would be cute to hang up in a kids room or craft area.

  6. Mer says

    What a great project! The end result is so cute and the processing of making it has a nice mix of fun and educational components.

  7. Luda says

    That is quite interesting!

  8. Jennifer Hedden says

    This is such a great project. I like that it is fun and also educational. It looks like she was really enjoying herself and proud of her work. This would be a fun project for my nieces. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jennifer,

      Yes… she loved all aspects of it and couldn’t stop talking about it for days!

  9. jamie braun says

    such a super cool idea! how creative! cant wait to try it

  10. nannypanpan says


  11. Sonya Morris says

    What a cute project! I always loved when my kids were in elementary school and they did something fun for the 100th day!

  12. How cool is that? My first grader celebrated big time on their 100th day of school….

  13. Keara B. says

    Such a cool idea! Also a great way to get rid of any old crayons that are just stubs. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Cassandra Eastman says

    I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you sooo much for sharing! Who would have thought? Something so easy but turns out so bright and colorful. Definitely helping my kids do this!

  15. Maria Iemma says

    I love this and I will use it as a learning tool for counting, sorting

  16. Carolsue says

    This looks like SUCH a fun art project! With all the broken crayons and worn-down crayons we have, this would be a perfect way to use them up!

  17. Donna Lindner says

    It’s been awhile since I helped with a Hundred Day project, 20 or so years. I remember my daughter cutting out 100 SMILES from magazines and making a collage. What fun she had!
    Thank you

  18. Rachel Ellis says

    What a neat project! I think I will try this soon with my kiddos, my 9 year old would even find it entertaining I think!

  19. Michelle Feliciano says

    such a great idea

  20. Mary Ann Knox says

    This is such an amazing craft project! I am totally going to do this with my daughter while we are on vacation this week!

  21. vickie couturier says

    that is so cute,that would be something that I could do with the grandkids

  22. marissa lee says

    what a cute project…something i have to remember to do with my daughter when she is a little older…thank you for sharing.

  23. judy gardner says

    this is beautiful and so creative! i love how much your daughter contributed because so many parents do most of the work on projects instead of the kids. you can tell by the look on her face how proud she is of her work!

  24. judy gardner says

    what a creative idea and how beautiful!

  25. My son is grown married and I don’t have a daughter but one of these days, soon I hope, I will have a grandbaby and I will do this or them. I just love this as a craft and as artwork.

  26. we did this a few years ago and the kids loved it!

  27. Robin Wilson says

    She is absolutely adorable!! I have seen other versions of this on various pins, but haven’t tried it yet. I just love it and what a great way to use up broken crayons too.

  28. shelly peterson says

    This turned out great. My daughter has done a couple of these melted crayons on canvas, she had a lot of fun too.

  29. Dandi D says

    This looks so fun! I should do it with my son sometime!

  30. Karen Propes says

    I was wondering that was done. Thanks for the detailed instructions, we will be doing this art soon!!!

  31. Cheryl says

    Love it! What size canvas did you use to fit the 100 crayons?

  32. G K says

    I’ll definitely need to try this. So pretty!

  33. chelsea says

    what size canvas did you use?

  34. Amanda says

    What size canvas did you use? Original, cute and educational!!!

  35. Mandy says

    Congratulations Mommy on doing such a wonderful job with your daughter! This is one of the most creative 100 day project I have seen! Could you please share what size of canvas used for this project? Thanks in advance 🙂

  36. April says

    Was it hard to make them stick on with the glue gun or should I use stronger glue

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