Mattel Password Journal and Keepsake Box


Emma is at the age that she is starting to want a little privacy (especially from her little brother). When we were offered the chance to review the Password Journal and Keepsake Box from Mattel I knew this would be a great package for her.

This stylish Keepsake Box offers the utmost protection and features ample space for girls to safely store their secret stuff. It opens to only your voice! Plus, you can record memories with the six keys and 12 matching stickers! And the girls use their own voices to personal the password, greeting and alert for this electronic journal, safely store their secret thoughts and belongings! The gorgeous pink cover locks automatically when closed and stays locked until she speaks the secret password. A wonderful set for keeping ideas, keepsakes, and memories!

Bundle includes:

  • 1 Keepsake Box by PASSWORD JOURNAL® (Y2580)


The Keepsake Box has a personalized voice password lock on it. Once open there are six “memory keys” attached to the inside of the lid. When you put one of the keys into the slot that doesn’t have a memory recorded on it and turn it, the box will prompt you to record a memory. If a memory has already been recorded it will play.

The inside of the box has enough room for Emma to hide her favorite little treasures that she doesn’t want her brother to play with.


The Password Journal also operates on a personalized voice password lock. Inside is a spiral journal, an invisible ink pen and a light.


The light has two bulbs… a regular light and a black light to read your secret messages written in the invisible ink.

Emma is head of heels in love with her Girl Hi-Tech Passwords Bundle and has brought it outside to show all of her friends.  The personalized voice password lock is high-tech security for her most treasured thoughts and belongings. This allows Emma a bit of privacy and fun at the same time!

We’ve found that when we lowered the security level on both items Emma was able to “match” her password more often. If your child doesn’t speak clearly, or records the password saying it slowly but is trying to open it by saying it quickly… they might not “match”. Once Emma realized she needed to speak the password the same each time she gets into both the box and journal first or second try.

On another note, if someone (say a little brother) finds out the password, it’s easy enough to change it 😉

Check out Emma’s demo of the voice lock on her Keepsake Box.



  1. Sarah L says

    What a clever idea to keep things away from prying eyes and fingers. Have to be careful when you get a cold since it might not recognize your voice.

  2. nicole dz says

    I have actually seen the password keepsake box at Meijer here in Michigan, and was debating on buying it for my neice for her birthday in june. She like pink, as that’s why it caught my attention. I like the keys and how it works. very roomy for a girls treaures.

  3. Sherrie C. says

    I’ve seen these in stores and always thought they were really neat, especially the feature where kids can use invisible ink to write secret messages. Love that it includes a locking mechanism that’s password coded too. Personally I would have loved to have had one as a little girl.

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