Marketing Mothers: Setting Up A Blog To Help Other Parents

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No doubt you’ve thought about blogging your trials and tribulations as a family. But now as so many parents are looking to document their daily lives, this means they’ve got to find the best ways to promote their blog. There are so many bloggers out there that are able to make some money doing this, but if you are looking to promote a blog because you have got something unique to say, how can you do this? Is it to do with certain marketing techniques or is it about something more human than that? And what do you want to do if you want to help other parents in the same situation? Is it actually about setting up a blog?

The Right Marketing Tools

Marketing is something we all need to take advantage of. You can find a PPC campaign or an email marketing strategy to get your blog further out there but it’s important to note that with marketing comes a steep learning curve. Learning to promote your log is crucial because there are so many others out there looking to do the same thing but when you start to get savvy of the latest techniques this is when search engines like Google shake things up. It’s a constant process that you need to stay on top of if you are to keep your blog at the top of the search engine results pile. 

Keeping It Authentic

What are you interested in? You may be on the lookout for tech to make your life easier or you have an interest in spirituality and these things will form part of your blog. As nice as it is to document our lives we’ve got to straddle that balance between what we want and what our audience wants. Having an authentic voice is something that can take time to find but this is what will keep people coming back.

Learning To Find Your Voice

Learning to find your voice in the blogosphere is a long process. But this doesn’t mean you should be put off by it. Finding out how to make a blog captivating is partly to do with learning the art of blogging and creating but it’s also about trusting your instincts. If you feel you have something to say that is when it’s time to create a blog. Maybe you want to help others? In this case, you need to find the best medium in which to do it. Many people set up vlogs for this very reason. But when you’re looking to help others, perhaps it may not be a blog that is the best medium. Maybe you should set up an app or service, or even a business? Once you start to find your voice, you will then be able to discover what medium it’s best suited to. Setting up a blog is a very obvious approach but if you are looking to document your life, this is the best method.  

A lot of people set up a blog to help others that have gone through a similar situation. But when it becomes a part of your life this is when you have to start figuring out what makes it inherently you. While there are marketing components to consider, you have to remember that it’s about keeping true to who you are. 


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