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The life of a mom is a series of swirling responsibilities and duties. Staying on top of prescriptions honestly sometimes just slips my mind. Having the CVS Pharmacy App on my phone helps me make sure we don’t run out of our daily meds.

Just by pulling up the app I can refill a prescription, view all of my prescriptions and request renewal, transfer my prescription to another CVS and on the odd chance you spill your pill sorter like I have… it can even help you identify pills.

I’ve added text alerts to my account as well. When my auto refill prescriptions are ready for pick up, I get a text message letting me know and a link to check on which one it is.

This is the screen from my “all rx” page. I can see what I’ve had filled, when and how much it was. One of my prescriptions for allergy meds had expired, but I can select to refill it and the pharmacy will request the renewal. Easy peasy!

It gets even more convenient… because I can manage prescriptions for other people as well. By adding my husband on I can make sure his allergy medications never run out.

The CVS Pharmacy app has so many features to make your life easier:

· Pharmacy: Managing you and your family’s prescriptions are now easier than ever—customers who download the app can scan their medication or automatically refill their prescription, view and transfer prescriptions to a local CVS Pharmacy, set medication reminders, check for drug interactions and even pick up prescriptions by showing the app, making the process much more private.

· Deals & Rewards: Clipping coupons is in the past! The CVS Pharmacy app sends you personalized deals depending on your purchase history and you can send them directly to your ExtraCare Rewards card.

· Photo Center: Upload your favorite photos from your phone or Facebook through the CVS Pharmacy app and pick up your prints in store. Easy as that.

· Shop online: Shop for your favorite CVS products through the CVS Pharmacy app and easily reorder past purchases.

· Find a store: Whether close to home, or across the country, you can easily locate the nearest CVS Pharmacy store.

You can check it out and download it here!


  1. No CVS in Colorado so this wouldn’t help me.

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