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MAM Anti-Colic Bottles and Pacifier Review

MAM has a great line of baby bottle and pacifiers out and I was thrilled to receive to review. The Mam Anti-Colic bottle is BPA-Free and has a nice wide opening to make filling and cleaning easier which I appreciate. The nipple is nice and ultra soft making transition from breastfeeding and bottle-feeding easier for baby. The base has a airflow ventilation system which allows for a nice smooth milk flow to reduce the incidence of your baby swallowing air which prevents those uncomfortable gas bubble and burps.

My favorite part of the MAM Anti-Colic bottle is the unique sterilize system. There is no need to pack any extra machines or special devices when traveling or even at home to get your bottles sterilized. You simply unscrew the top and bottom of the bottle, pour 20ml of water into the bottom of the bottle, place the top of the bottle into the bottom of the bottle then screw the body of the bottle back to the bottom, place the lid on top and microwave for 3 min and there you have it a sterilized bottle with no fancy equipment needed.

The MAM pacifier is also BPA-Free, with a curved shield to allow the pacifier to sit comfortably against your baby’s mouth. The Nipple is also made out of a ultra soft silicone and designed with a anti-slip texture to prevent it from slipping out of baby’s mouth. MAM created the pacifier with a symmetrical nipple for baby’s jaw development. When in use your baby’s skin can still breath thanks to all the small openings on the pacifier shield, nothing worse then chapped skin around the mouth from wet skin not breathing. The storage case (which did not come in the gift packs I received) can also be used for microwave sterilizing.

MAM has more great baby products that help with making life with a baby easier, from bottles and pacifiers, to teethers and oral care, head over to MAM and check out their great baby products

Great deal from MAM!

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