Making your garden kid-friendly

One of the best parts of childhood is playing outside and experiencing nature. If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden then this could be the perfect place for your kids to spend their days in the summer. But how can you make your outdoor space better suited to the needs of your little ones?

This blog has some essential tips to get you started on your garden renovation journey:

Lots of greenery

While having a big open space is great for running around, it’s also important to have cool, shady areas where your children can sit comfortably and play. Planting shrubs and trees is the best way to shield them from the sun’s glare and introduce them to nature. You can have lots of fun collecting leaves, watering the shrubs, and watching flowers bloom on their branches in the spring. What’s more, trees provide lots of privacy and may even deter your children from trying to scale fences to get out. It’s easy to find the perfect magnolia tree or evergreen shrub online, so start your search today.

Add toys and play areas

Children will quickly get bored of a garden that has nothing other than trees and bushes. If you have the space and your children are old enough to use them, add a swing or a slide to your lawn. Creating a mini playground just for your little ones will make them feel really special, especially when all the other kids in their school have to go to the crowded park. Alternatively, invest in some skipping ropes, balls, and tennis racquets that can easily be taken out and put away.

Get rid of dangerous areas

Gardens aren’t always the safest places for children, especially if they’re overgrown. Have a walk around your outdoor space and make sure you fill in any holes and address patches of concrete or paving stones. It’s also a good idea to pull up any thorny bushes that your children could fall into as well as plants like stinging nettles that might give them a rash. As your children get older, this will be less of an issue, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Give your children a plot of land

One of the best ways to make your garden as interactive and interesting as possible is to get your kids involved with growing some plants, flowers, or even vegetables. Set aside a plot of land where your children can decide what they want to grow. Give them as much control as possible and buy them some small versions of the tools you have, such as a shovel and trowel. You could even work together to create some signs that show everyone what’s planted where. 

The main things you need to remember about making your garden more kid-friendly are safety and fun. As long as you keep those in mind, you can’t really go wrong. Let your creativity run wild and spend lots of time outdoors with your family.

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