Making Christmas Fun & Memorable For Toddlers

88% of people say that the Christmas holidays are the most stressful time of the year. It’s important to remember that if you feel this way, so does your toddler. It’s normal for little ones to feel overwhelmed by the craziness of Christmas and from being out of their normal routine. Throw in a pile of presents, merry family members, and a big Christmas dinner and a tantrum or two is inevitable. But follow these tips and your toddler will have a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons.

Make it fun

Don’t expect your toddler to sit nicely while everyone opens their presents or enjoys a three-course meal. Instead of sticking to Christmas traditions like this, make the day as fun as possible for your little one. Fill a box with balloons and hide little Christmas surprises in it. Your toddler will have the time of their life jumping in and out of the box and digging through the balloons. You could even make a new tradition such as Christmas Day is a no-rule day. You could let your toddler do things such as eat pudding before their main meal, stay in their pajamas all day, or jump on the bed after Santa’s delivered their presents. Or how about playing fun games throughout the day, such as pin the nose on Rudolph and pass the sprout?


Hold back on the gifts

The average parent says they’ll spend $276 per child on gifts for Christmas this year. This usually means lots of gifts for your toddler this Christmas. One study found that toddlers  with too many toys had reduced quality of play. Other studies have concluded that too many toys cause toddlers to feel overwhelmed. Rather than buying lots of gifts for your toddler this Christmas, opt for three or four quality toys that they’ll love and play with over and over again. Hard-wearing toys are best as they’ll stand the test of time. Open-ended toys are also good as they encourage children to use their imagination and they improve a child’s development. Toys such as building blocks, dress-up clothes,  a play kitchen, and playdough should therefore be considered.


Take a festive stroll

On average, people take 1,400 steps less on Christmas day than on any other day, according to the New York Times. After the gift opening and dinner, take your toddler out for a stroll in the dark to burn off some energy and calories. Every home will have their Christmas lights on so it will be an exciting and fun thing for your toddler to do. You could turn it into a game of who can spot the most amount of santas or give them a print out of festive characters to tick off when they see each one. This is sure to be an activity they’ll talk about for a long time. Plus, they’ll tire themselves in the process, meaning you’ll all get a goodnight’s sleep.

Christmas for toddlers is about fun and games, not endless toys. So, save yourself some money and do all you can to make this Christmas the best one ever for your child.

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