Making a New Friend: Reasons Why You Might Want to Adopt a Puppy

It’s safe to say that the last couple of years have been rough on everyone. The constant changes we’ve all been subjected to, watching as the rug got ripped out from under us and having to find ways to cope with a new normal, have been stressful for everyone. Mental health conditions skyrocketed during the pandemic, and recently, scientists have found that the constant state of stress we’ve all been in has created an entirely new brain condition: pandemic brain, a fog that makes it hard for people to concentrate. 

We need a source of relief, a way to start reducing our anxiety. And since the pandemic is still very much a threat, one of the best ways for us to self-medicate might be to adopt a puppy. 

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason, as there are so many scientifically-proven benefits that their constant companionship can impart onto their owners. If you’re interested in hearing about how adopting a puppy can improve your mental and physical health, eliminate feelings of loneliness, and provide other benefits for you and yours, read on. 

A Regular Exercise Regimen 

While there are dogs that can stay inside longer than others, making breeds like Cavachon puppies an ideal selection for apartment dwellers, all dogs need to be walked at some point. The desire to go outside, exercise, and explore is literally hardwired into every breed of dog, meaning that if you decide to become a pet parent, you’re going to be taking your adoptee outside regularly for walks.   

There are several advantages to this, especially in the middle of the pandemic. It can be hard to find the justification or the means to go out safely amidst the spreading of Omicron, leading to many of us staying inside longer than is healthy mentally and physically.   

Adopting a puppy, however, will force you to go out into the sunlight regularly, taking your new pet for long walks in new environments. This will not only benefit your mental health, as you won’t be cooped up inside staring at the same four walls, but it is also a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. While this activity won’t likely result in you meeting too many new people in the midst of the pandemic, it will bring you and your puppy closer, however, strengthening your developing bond. When it comes to your pet’s health, you can virtually visit your doctor even during the pandemic. These options are available since many pet care issues can be solved virtually.

Lowers Your Anxiety Levels 

For a while now, scientists have been studying the effect that being in close proximity to puppies has on human health. As it turns out, even the simple action of petting a dog has been known to lower stress levels, have a positive impact on blood pressure, loosen tense muscles, and the like. 

This function is invaluable in the midst of the times we’re in now, where many of us feel the constant pressure of being vulnerable to infection everywhere we go. Imagine being able to come home after a stressful day at work, where customers sneezed at you and left their garbage everywhere, and having some of that ever-present anxiety melt away when your furry friend comes to greet you. There’s no feeling like it in the world. 

Provides Companionship 

Loneliness has been known to have a negative effect on affected parties’ physical health, and we live in a time where we are more separated from others than ever. The simple fact that most workplaces have switched to remote, work-from-home models and most places that we would go to be entertained are still not safe inherently forces us to stay separated from others, cooped up in our homes, and starved for connection. 

Adopting a puppy can help mitigate that loneliness, if not outright erase it. If you’re ready to adopt, check out Manmade Pet Adoption to find your perfect match. While you still won’t be able to mingle with strangers, you can hang out with your four-legged pal when you get home from work, playing with them, going for walks, or even just sharing space on the couch together. Nothing beats the unconditional love of a puppy, and when you’re struggling with feeling the effects of this topsy-turvy time we’re all caught in, you can always turn to someone who will always be by your side.  

Adopting an animal is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling things we can do, providing us with a companion who will always love us no matter what. If you can adopt a puppy, you should: you might find that just one simple act can make everything else so much better.  

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