How to Make Moving Easier for the Whole Family

How to Make Moving Easier for the Whole Family

If you’re a parent, you know that everyday life can be stressful. Even without the occasional snag or dilemma, raising children, while succeeding in our careers and keeping our household and relationships in order, can be difficult, to say the least. And when you add a major upheaval like moving into the mix, the stress can skyrocket. For children, especially, relocating can be a painful experience. Thankfully, there are ways parents can make a long distance move easier for both their children and themselves. Keep reading to find out how!

Talking to Your Kids

When it comes to major family changes, children are often excluded from the decision-making process. And while parents may mean well, this can lead to some major resentment, which can result in “acting out” or the onset of emotional stress. Thankfully, these complications can usually be avoided by giving your children a voice in the decisions that affect them. When it’s time to talk to your children about moving, tips like the following can help promote open, honest communication:

  • Be firm, but positive. A positive attitude can go a long way in helping your children understand why a relocation is necessary. Also, it’s important to remember that you probably won’t be able to accommodate all of their wishes; but, you can make them feel like they have a say in the matter. For example, if your child is dead-set on staying put, tell her you really need her input on factors like your new house or neighborhood.
  • Be honest. Your children will probably have a long list of questions and concerns, so try to answer them as honestly as possible. Most children can understand factors like or a new job opportunity or an ailing relative, and will appreciate and respect your honesty.
  • Let them rant. Children, and especially teenagers, will probably have some pretty strong feelings about moving. Give them a safe space to vent their frustrations, and let them know that these reactions are perfectly normal. Kids are adaptable, and they’ll come around sooner or later.

Have Fun with Planning

From finding the best long distance movers to deciding what to pack, a family move requires lots of planning and strategizing. And while the weeks prior to your move can be stressful for the whole family, ideas like the following can help relieve some of that pressure:

  • Have a family garage sale. Looking for a way to pare down your family’s belongings, while also making a little quick cash? Have a family garage sale! Or, if you’re pressed for time, drop off unwanted items at a local charity or donation center. Either way, you can cut back on clutter, and make packing and unpacking that much easier.
  • Make plans for your new home and neighborhood. One great way to get children excited about a move is by making plans for their new space. Encourage them to come up with decorating ideas for their bedrooms and communal spaces, and research your new neighborhood to discover fun, family-friendly activities. Make a list of all the things you want to do and see, and, once you move, check each item off your list.
  • Assign your children jobs. Give your children a list of chores to be completed before the move. Depending on their ages, these lists can vary, but can include cleaning and organizing, packing, etc. Give them some incentive by promising a night of family fun when their chores are completed.

Host a Going-Away Party

Before you move, it’s important to let your children say goodbye to their old surroundings. Let them host a sleepover with their closest friends, or throw a going-away party for the whole family. Take lots of pictures, and encourage your kids to exchange contact information with all their friends. This will help them move on in a new environment, while staying in touch with the important parts of their past.

A long distance move can be stressful for children and adults, alike. Thankfully, the tips provided here can be beneficial for the whole family. Good luck on your big family move!



  1. We have lived in our current home for just over 6yrs and our oldest is 10. I could not imagine raising my babies anywhere else and a move would definitely be hard on all of us!

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