How to Make Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Oreo Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Oreo Cupcakes

Emma’s birthday was last November and we were in gearing up mode for our upcoming Disney Cruise. It was a given that her cake was going to be Disney related, but then I saw these adorable cupcakes and knew I had to make them!


You will need:

  • Cooked cupcakes
  • Regular sized and Mini Oreos
  • Frosting
  • Red with white polka dotted ribbon (for bows)


If you do not have an icing bag, apply the frosting with a knife. If you do … simply pipe on the frosting (which is so much faster).


Take another pass and make a line of frosting across the back. This will help elevate the ears.


Using mini Oreos, place 2 on the second row of frosting for the ears.


Take 1 regular sized Oreo and place it in front for Mickey/Minnie’s face.


If you are creating Minnie Mouse, add a dab of frosting on the back of the bow…


and put it in place.




I created a full place of them for our visiting family to enjoy. Minnie was in the center and I used exactly 7 of them, one for each of Emma’s candles.


So there you have it! Super simple and easy to manipulate for your dietary needs. Remember there are many versions of “Oreos” on the market! Think outside the box!


  1. Lindsay Sorensen says

    Love it. So simple yet so creative! I’ll keep this one in mind for later

    • Thanks Lindsay! They were a hit, and Emma finally was able to have birthday cake Oreos (we rarely buy storebought cookies)

  2. Sandra VanHoey says

    I have to say, you are good and so creative. These are the cutest! I am going to forward this to my daughter who makes cupcakes so often. She would love these for the girls and they would love helping her.

    • Thank you Sandra! They were so simple and the kids were giddy because I let them have Oreos LOL. I didn’t have many leftovers this year.

  3. Michelle F. says

    Too cute! Pinning this for my daughters birthday in May.

  4. Tanya Holland says

    These are so cute. I love them. Me and my daughters are going to have to make these.

  5. Brittany Thomas says

    Cute! My daughter would love these!

  6. Julie Wood says

    They really are adorable cupcakes. Cupcakes are one of my favorite desserts becasue you do not have to use a fork. I can just bite down and eat.These look so yummy!

  7. How cute are these?! They turned out great, so creative!

  8. These are super cute! Do you have a forward pic of them with the candles in?

    • The picture above with Emma blowing… they have candles in them. I will sift through my photos to see if I took a head on shot :). I made sure to make only 7 Minnies so the inside circle was what had a candle in it.

  9. Shannon says

    Thank you for sharing this cute cupcake! This is awesome.

  10. Terri S says

    These are so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing how to do this.

  11. G K says

    These are adorable! So easy too!


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