Madison Reed Root Touch Up | Makeup For Hair | COUPON

Madison Reed Root Touch Up | Makeup For Hair | COUPON

This post is brought to you by Madison Reed, the company making healthier at-home hair care more accessible and convenient. All opinions are my own.

The last few weeks of summer are a huge whirlwind around here. I have two children heading to college and two going back to elementary, which means two different types of shopping trips for mom and all kinds of planning! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how the priority order goes when you are a mom. I figured I would hang tight a few more weeks with my color and when they went back to school I would head to the salon.


So I resorted to my “go to” method of trying to cover up my roots. I started zig zagging my part and poofing my hair. Unfortunately my hair had grown out enough that even those methods weren’t working well. While out with the kids I decided to head to my local Sephora store to pick up a new product from Madison Reed called Root Touch Up.

I found Root Touch Up by the registers in the Hair section. With 7 color shades to choose from I had a difficult time picking the color myself. With 3 different colors in my hair I wasn’t sure which direction to go, so I asked one of the associates for their help. She was very friendly and helpful and I had product in hand in a few minutes… much quicker than going to the salon!

Madison Reed Root Touch Up comes in an easy to use compact with a brush. To apply, you simply brush from roots to ends. It quickly and expertly disguises root regrowth or stray grays between coloring applications. As I was entering the “I can’t stand it anymore!” phase and couldn’t get to the salon, I was eager to try it.


The area that bothers me the most is my part. My natural hair color is dark brown and it often looks greasy when growing in, even if I just showered. One big benefit of using Madison Reed Root Touch Up is it acts like a dry shampoo and diminishes the shiny affect. Once applied, I know it’s not going to go anywhere… even through workouts or rainstorms. It will even stay put through a nap (hah! what’s that right?)… no color on your pillows. Until your next shampoo your roots are concealed.


With 3 colors in my hair, it wasn’t difficult to get the coverage I wanted from Root Touch Up. I didn’t want a total blonde look as that would just be an opposite problem for me, so I used the Light Blonde color on my roots only and went over the area once. I was surprised at how much it covered with just a few swipes along my part! In just a few minutes I had enough coverage to give me the confidence that my roots aren’t screaming “LOOK AT ME!”.

I felt confident purchasing Madison Reed because their products are free of harsh chemicals like titanium dioxide, sulfates, added parabens and gluten, making it safe for those with allergies or sensitivities.

I was able to work Root Touch Up into my morning makeup routine with ease. It really didn’t add any time to my process and it was quicker and easier than trying to manipulate my part to cover up the areas I was trying to hide. If needed, it can even be used on your eye brows with a smaller brush! This has been a fabulous product to get me by until I could focus on myself.


You can purchase Madison Reed Root Touch Up online here on

By purchasing online using this link, OurKidsMom readers will receive a complimentary brow brush at checkout, valued at $7.95. This is a one time use coupon valid 8/12-8/31.


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What crazy or quirky things have you done to conceal your growth? 


  1. I definitely need to try this!

  2. lissa crane says

    I love this! So often I don’t have the time or money to get my whole head colored, but desperately need to do my roots! This is the perfect solution! What a great way to extend the life of your hair color! I will try this!

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