Love your skin? Here’s how to make it shine

Love your skin? Here’s how to make it shine

Everyone has skin, but most of us will allow it to cop a fair bit of abuse over our lifetimes. Many of us know the cleanse, tone, moisturize routine, but what else can you do to keep it healthy and youthful? Read below for some of the technologies that are available today to keep your epidermis in the best shape possible.

Hopefully it goes without saying, but sunscreen really is your best friend. Luckily the ranges available today are a far cry from the super greasy sunblock of the past. In addition to this, covering delicate areas during the peak UV times of the day is the safest way to avoid sun damage. Many weather reports or UV index apps help you determine when in your local area the sun is at its most ferocious. Also, drinking plenty of water provides the skin with hydration.

If you have some damage from the sun or skin concerns, you might be concerned about cancer. Although melanoma is one is least common forms of skin cancer, it is the leading cause of fatal skin cancer worldwide. The best way to manage you skin’s health therefore, is to not only be sun smart but to get your skin regularly checked. Early detection of abnormalities is best practice and a number of clinics conduct mole mapping and skin cancer checks. This may involve whole body photography and a full body skin review. The benefit of photographs being taken is the ability to have a baseline comparison for your next appointment. Each individual mole can be checked for suspicious changes and one of the best ways to detect melanoma in its earliest stages. The full body check may be done with a dermatoscope (think mini telescope) to get a more in depth look at questionable abnormalities on the skin’s surface. Clinical imaging techniques may be used to get a look of the internal structure of any suspicious areas.

From here, you may wish address the appearance of your skin’s surface even if things such as moles are found to be harmless. Cosmetic mole removal can be done through electro surgery which doesn’t entail cutting or stitches. This is particularly desirable for patients seeking to avoid scarring on obvious areas such as the face. Laser skin rejuvenation is another popular procedure that treats lines and wrinkles alongside skin damage and scars. The thermal properties of the laser encourages the skin to produce additional collagen which will make the skin look and feel smoother and more supple.

People who are time poor are also turning to procedures such as permanent makeup to shave time off their getting ready routines. Lips, eyes and eyebrows can benefit from semi-permanent tattoos that involve pigments being inserted into the skin. As the pigments are only penetrating into the dermal layer, you will need top ups over time to maintain a fuller colour. Skin that is scarred or burnt can also benefit from paramedical tattoos, but is best suited to lighter coloured blemishes.

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