Look Like A Million, Spend A Minimum

Look Like A Million, Spend A Minimum

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Christmas is absolutely packed with parties, gatherings and social events but because it’s Christmas you are as broke as one of Santa’s elves on a Boxing Day morning. It’s Catch 22. It’s one of life’s biggest cruelties. It’s a disaster beyond first-world comprehension and it’s totally avoidable.

That’s right. We said it is totally avoidable. As in, yes, you can still look as stylish as Rihanna (circa 2012) despite having a budget of Toni Braxton (circa 2010), and we’re going to show you just how you can do it:

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Be Bold On The Fringes

We all know how much it hurts to look at your wardrobe and be bored by what you see. It’s the worst feeling in the world and one that can actually affect your confidence. However, there is a great way to lift what you have, and it is called accessorizing. Big pendant necklaces, bright dangly earrings, standout handbags – these all offer up a lazy and affordable way to look fresh right now.

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Avoid The Need To Tailor

The word tailoring is basically a synonym for expensive, which is why you should avoid clothes that a) need to be tailored to fit you or b) clothes that only look good on models of the moment, which accounts for like three people in the world right now. So, instead, what you want to do to make untailored clothes look great on your body type is tweak them: roll up your sleeves, cuff your jeans and layer any clothes that are oversized. Tailored costs avoided and new dimensions added.  

Find Bargains Online

There is nothing more satisfying than picking up a piece of clothing that you would have paid ten times more for (if you had the money to do so). And this is all totally possible if you are savvy about your shopping strategy and that means going online. Seriously, always check the offer online. The reasons for this are simple; sometimes you can find voucher codes that will give you 30% off (#winning), while a lot of shops offer discounted prices for those that buy online (#winningagain).

Pre-Owned Means Vintage

Ever heard the phrase, “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure”? Well, the world of fashion has taken this sage advice and celebrated it in ways you can’t believe. Asos Marketplace, Vestiaire Collective, The Vintage Deli – all of these sites offer a large selection of pre-owned fashion pieces that fall between two categories: luxury and affordable, which is the best combination bar none.

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Go All DIY On The World

The fashion world is more fluid than water and more flexible than an Olympic gymnast still in their teens, which means there are no rules. You could spray paint words onto the back of a denim jacket, add lace to pieces you are bored of, learn how to embroider your own pieces and even sew your own clothes if you wanted to go that far. Whatever you like, you can make unique pieces that cost barely a thing. It’s just a matter of getting all creative and unleashing your inner, “I don’t care what people think, it’s time to wow.” It’s that simple.


  1. Cynthia R says

    I’m all about dressing for less. I probably buy 80% of my clothes at goodwill/thrift stores. The rest I buy on clearance. If you avoid the mall, you don’t even know what you are missing.

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