Long Overdue Baby Update

Long Overdue Baby Update


Ok I know this update is LONG overdue but I guess better late then never. The beginning of this pregnancy I was horribly sick up until about 25 weeks. I couldn’t keep anything down, if I ate I would get sick, if I didn’t eat I would get sick… it was a lose lose situation. During all this sickness all I could think of was how much it was like my son’s pregnancy. With both of them I couldn’t eat beef or even think about beef without having to run to the bathroom to get sick.


The sickness finally started to lift and I was just so tired and drained all the time, as I was still working 4 days a week it was all I could do to make it through the week.

I finally got my ultrasound booked and all I could think of was I sure hope the baby cooperates and we can find out the gender, Well the baby did and here is the results………..

So we are pretty excited to be having another boy! The kids can’t wait for their baby brother to arrive.

Fast-forwarding to a week and a half ago, I was then 35.5 weeks and starting summer. What a better way to kick it off then Karson my 5 year old coming down with hand foot and mouth virus. He had blisters just in his mouth and not his hand and feet. McKenna had it last year and she only had it on her hands and feet and not her mouth so I was hoping she wouldn’t get it again. Well 3 days after Karson came down wit it, yes McKenna got it as well. This time it was just in her mouth.

My husband and I both were fighting bad colds and being pregnant with my immune system down I was just praying I didn’t get it. I was so scared my kids would have it when this baby decides to show up. After a couple days of McKenna getting it, my husband was now on days off to stay with the kids so I could go back to work.

My first day back I was outside fogging mosquitoes and ducked to go under a bush and I pulled something in my back. It was all I could do to take 3 steps before taking a break to wait for the pain to stop so I could make it back into work. I sat there waiting for the pain to ease and started to not feel very good. Things started going quiet and dark and I was short of breath… I braced myself to pass out. Then things starting coming back and I broke out in a sweat and my face got tingly. Something wasn’t right so the paramedic was called to come check me.

They ended up taking my by ambulance to the hospital. The whole ride I didn’t feel the baby move which was starting to scare me. At the hospital they transferred me off the stretcher onto the bed and my tummy started moving and they found the heart beat right away! Best feeling EVER! Not being able to walk I was admitted and stayed the night. I’m now at home taking it easy trying to cope with the pain in my back. When I sit it takes me a while to get moving before I can walk slowly around the house. Each day seems to be getting a tiny bit better, but no means back to normal.


I’m now 37.5 weeks and it’s crazy to think this baby can come any time. I can finally say I think I’m ready for the baby to come. McKenna was kicked out of her room and is settled in sharing a room with Karson. Her clothes are finally moved over and baby’s clothes are now hanging in his closet. Once the baby is sleeping well, he will move in with Karson, and McKenna will go back to her room.

So I will admit this baby has a pink nursery, but at the same time it feels good not to have to paint a room. The crib is up in place and ready for baby to come. The ONLY thing I have left to do is pack my bag, and a bag for my kids for the hotel when they come to see me (It’s a 1.5 hr drive).  I’m hoping my back continues to get better before this baby does decide to show up as I can’t imagine going through labor and dealing with this pain at the same time… but I’m sure it can be done if need be.

Anytime baby!…….. Anytime!

So I leave you guys with 2 questions:
1) What is the 1 most important thing you are so glad you had with you at the hospital when you packed your bags or wished you had?
2) Ryan and I are yet to agree on a boys name, what is your favorite boys name?




  1. courtney b says

    awesome! I just had a boy 2 weeks ago, and it was TORTURE! I hope yours goes a little bit better then mine.. cant wait to see pics!

    • Lindsay says

      Awww CONGRATS Courtney! Sorry to hear it was so horrible for you. My other 2 came VERY fast and intense as well, they didn’t come out without a lot of tearing. I’m really hoping this one isn’t as extreme, but some how I doubt it 🙁

  2. Kathy says

    When I had my first daughter, the best thing I brought was my own pillow. I forgot it with my second and missed it! I was also happy to have my own pajamas, and of course my phone and camera.

    I have two girls, but if I’d had a boy, I would have wanted the name David, after my brother. I also like Daniel, Alexander, Derek, and Robert.

    I also found out when I had my second daughter that some hospitals may have egg-crate-foam pads for you to sit on in bed after you have the baby. What a relief that was! I wished I’d had one with my first daughter! So I would say worth asking about at least. Better than sitting on those thin, hard hospital mattresses. Hope everything goes great, I’m sure it will, just take it easy and allow your back to rest up.

    Best to you!

    • Lindsay says

      Oh Kathy thanks so much for the pillow reminder! When I was in the hospital last weekend that was one of the things I wish I had was my pillow. Oh comfy jammies are defiantly packed! I’ll have to ask about the egg-crate-foam pads, for sure anything is more comfortable then the hard plastic mattresses.

  3. Oh my you are so close! Congratulations on the pregnancy, I hope everything will calm down a bit, so that you can enjoy this last stretch.

    My favorite boys name is Ashton….I just had a baby girl though (after 3 boys), so we have no need for the boy name at the top of our list:)

    • Lindsay says

      I know it really hit me how close I am last week when I got pre admitted into labor and delivery, seems so unreal still.

  4. Rama A says

    You are adorable ! and i am excited for you ! Gabriel is my favorite name

    • Lindsay says

      Aww thanks Rama, I can’t wait to show you guys some pics of this new baby!!

  5. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Congratulations of your pregnancy 🙂 Poor mama, I can’t imagine being sick until 25 weeks. I am blessed that I was only sick for a couple weeks with both of my pregnancies. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with a boy and we don’t have a name for him yet either… The names we like are Micah, Wesley, Paxton, and Arie…. Other names we’ve thought about are Nolan, Noah, and Bentley….

    • Lindsay says

      Ohhhhh I like Paxton! Bentley was one of the names on my list and my hubby didn’t like it 🙁

  6. The most important thing is your own panties-granny style. Those little mesh thingys they try to make us wear are just awful! I like the name Jhett or Julian. Good Luck!

    • Lindsay says

      Oh the mesh…. Thanks for the reminder I will for sure be packing some granny-panties!

  7. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love Xavier! Make sure you remember to take your own pads! I hate those inch thick ones the hospital gives you that you have to use a belt with! You’d think they’d move into the 21st century!

    • Lindsay says

      Yes So true Amanda! That is one of the suggestions I always give first time moms. Those are definitely getting packed 🙂

  8. Anastasia says

    I’m glad I had arnica (homeopathic pain relief) and my own food with me! I like the names Roman, Andrew, Timothy (my son), and Alexander.

    Wow, you’ve had quite a scare! If I were you I would make a trip to a chiropractor asap, they do wonders for the pregnant woman’s back! Fogging mosquitoes? They let you do that while pregnant? I thought those are toxic pesticides :/

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