Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Water Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Water Slide Bouncer

Sample product received for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


My kids and their boundless energy exhausts me. I can only handle so much time at the pool, but often times they are still begging to do something.

When the weather is scorching and the kids want to get wet… an inflatable water slide with two slides and a climbing wall are in order!


The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race looks intimidating to set up, but it’s really super easy and quick!

Accessories include:
* 1-Heavy-duty blower with GFCI plug
* 1-Repair kit
* 1-Storage bag
* 4-Blower stakes
* 6-Bouncer stakes


Once out of the bag, simply unroll it and place it where you are wanting to set it up.


Extend the yellow tubing out and away from the bouncer and tie it to the blower with the string attached to the end.


Make sure the second shorter yellow tube is tied off (you untie it when letting the air out) and turn the blower on.

It takes less than a minute and the entire bouncer is completely inflated.


Thread the water tubing up the side and attach with the Velcro straps that are already attached to the sides of the bouncer.


You will know you have everything positioned properly because the spray hoods will line up correctly. These attach on with a larger pad of Velcro.


As you can see from the backside view of the bouncer, the tubing goes up the right side, over the center and ends on the left.


There are three spray hoods, one for each slide to keep the surface slippery, and one in the center to fill the “surprise” dump bucket.

Once you have everything set up and anchored down you turn the water on and you are ready for some fun!

The blower will run continuously while the children are playing to keep it inflated.

The main access to the slides is by way of the center wall. There are several foot holds as well as handles to grasp during the climb to the top.


Neither of my children had any issues climbing up the wall and actually got fairly quick at it with time.

Because the Rocky Mountain River Race is large enough for multiple children they decided immediately that they were going to make a game of racing to the bottom.


My kids did this for hours without tiring. They even groaned when I told them it was time to come in for dinner.


Water slide bounce house toys are perfect for keeping cool and getting some exercise while having fun!


The entire bouncer is durable, colorful, and well-designed. My main fear was that it was going to be too heavy for me to lug around and set up alone.

Although it does weigh in at 50 pounds, I was able to set it up without help easily.


The “surprise” dump bucket collects water until it reaches the tipping point, and then pours water on kids climbing up the center inflatable rock wall.


Of course my children found the way NOT to wait and started pouring it on each other.


The slides lead to a large splash pool that collects water as the bouncer is being used. You can see in my photo above that our “pool” was a little lopsided. It is suggested to set your bouncer up on level ground.

As my entire back yard is on a slope, this was not possible. I did my best to position the bouncer so the water would collect evenly  in the middle as the longer it was used, the more the pool filled up.

My children always try to find a non-traditional way to use a product. With this particular bouncer, they found that if they slid down the middle (the climbing wall) they would land on the yellow bouncy part at the bottom. Emma is doing this in the photo above. The bounce back up is enough for them to regain their footing, which they thought was hysterical.


When you are finished bouncing for the day, turn the blower off long enough for the collection pool to drain. Then move the bouncer to a dry patch and turn the blower back on until the bouncer has aired out. This will take approximately 2-4 hours.

The photo above is of our yard after an afternoon of play. As you can see, the grass is matted down, but not damaged. Once the area dried out overnight the grass bounced back and you couldn’t tell where I had set up the bouncer the day before. If you are worried about damaging your grass, I would strongly suggest you not leave your bouncer set up for several days.

The Rocky Mountain River Race is designed for children ages 5 – 10 and use with up to 4 children with a maximum combined weight of 350 pounds. I have seen more children on this particular bouncer, but again it’s not recommended. As my children and their friends only weigh in at around 50 pounds each, I foresee Ethan having a small birthday party with about six children playing on this next month.

I can’t recommend this bouncer enough. It’s totally transformed my “I’m bored” couch potato kids into active bouncing and sliding kids.


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