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We had so many fabulous entries naming and explaining your dishwasher loading style… it was difficult to pick! We finally narrowed it down to 10. These 10 entries have been sent to LG who has the extremely difficult job of picking JUST ONE to join me October 12-14 in New York City for Food Network’s Wine & Food Festival!

So here are the 10 finalists… in no particular order:

Amanda S

My Loading Style is “Fast and Furious”

Immediately after dinner each night, my family usually bolts for the living room because every time I load the dishwasher I practically go to battle with it. I try to load all the dirty dishes as quickly as possible, yet it always seems to take me a good 10 minutes because I’m trying to position dishes at certain ways and angles so they will all fit. I end up making a ton of noise & I have a tendency to shove pots and pans anywhere, even though I know the way I loaded them won’t get them completely clean. So I usually just get frustrated. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle by loading the dirty dishes into the dishwasher I have.

Melanie J

“Hopes & Dreams”

Every day, I sit and cry.
My dishwasher’s the reason why.
I scrap my dishes every night.
It is no use, it’s an endless fight.
Only one or two will come clean.
My dishwasher just makes me scream.
Grease, grime and froot loops too.
All come out a pile of goo.
Wash a cake? HA, don’t I wish.
I would be happy with just one dish.
Smoothie cups are a disgrace.
Cherrio’s just stay in place.
Remember yesterday’s spaghetti night?
Today is spaghetti fright.
Even my dishwasher thinks spiders are whack
because it survived in a cup on the top rack
Facing the caked on, stuck on, dried on gunk,
has put this girl in quite a funk.
Oh how I wish I had a appliance,
that didn’t have so much defiance.
Give me TrueSteam and 3-stage filtration!
Please take away all my frustration!
My loading style is “Hopes & Dreams”
I “Hope” for the best from this noisy machine
And while I sit and scrap whip cream
I’ll “Dream” of a dish that comes truly clean!


My loading style would be called “Suck it in and think small”. You know haven’t you ever done that when you tried to squeeze through something, you tell yourself to think small as if that’ll help. =) I try to get all my dishes into the dishwasher in one fell swoop, no dish left behind. I will keep rearranging until I can’t get another dish in. I try to convey to my dishes to suck it in so I can get that one more plate or cup in!


Oh, that’s so easy… OCD otherwise known as Obsessive Compulsive Dishloader!!! Everything, I mean, everything from the teeny tiny lid for the salad dressing jar, to the largest casserole dish and every last teaspoon has its home. Everything goes in the exact same spot, always (glassware only ever goes on the top rack, plastic ware on the right side of top rack only and so on…) That said, while location matters, position’s important too (knives tip down, no spoons spooning each other, all plates facing the same direction, from smallest to largest…of course.) And did I mention that no one but me in the house has seemed to master the madness I call OCD? ))))

Dawn K

Loading Style: Strategic, to the MAX!
Description: Loading my dishwasher is almost like a game of chess for me. I must strategize THE best way to load the dishwasher… to enhance maximum capacity with out diminishing washing quality! Strategic, to the MAX!

Adele C

Mine style would be “Try, Try, Again…Oops!”
I load everything up. The husband rearranges to fit some oblong dish, then I have to rearrange to make sure everything is clean. Inevitably I forget that a medicine dispencer falls down or one of those lids to a storage container, or even a plastic fork (WHY AM I EVEN DISHWASHING A PLASTIC FORK?!?!?!?!?) and so the GOAL at the end is to have dishes clean and nothing melted on the bottom thanks to the heating mechanism. The trifecta is when ALL the dishes are CLEAN (not so jammed packed that one bowl has “reside” from the other dirty dishes in them.
The worst part about my dishwasher is you have to almost clean the dishes before you load them anyway. With a busy family and kids running to baseball or dance, I don’t have time to almost wash, set the dishwasher and then check to see if everything has been washed. And then hand wash it if it didn’t get cleaned properly. I could use the conserved time and energy to play with the kids, help with homework, or even spend some quality time with my husband. The new LF dishwasher sounds like a great answer to some of our dish washing problems!!
I would love to go to NYC with you. I have never been!

Marie O

Style Name “Make it fit or have a fit”
I try to fit all of the days dishes for my family of 8( 3 generations together was not the smartest move) in one load of dishes and if it doesn’t fit I normally get upset and grumble about having to run 2 loads.


Our style is LITTLE HANDS LOADING REDUX. We are trying to teach our 4 and 8 year old daughters to load what we affectionately call our “dish-spitter” instead of dishwasher. It has to be loaded just so or the dishes come out water logged and grimy. The girls try so hard and are actually excited to do this grown-up task. But it’s hard to get it right, so we always have to sneak back and re-load it after they run off. Of course pushing the start button is the best part, manning it’s a wet mess!

Chev S

The name of my loading style is most definitely “Husbands do it quickly, Wives do it RIGHT”
My style of loading the dishwasher is very organized & possibly borders on OCD… haha.
Everything in the bottom is aligned by size, with the exception of the middle 1/3 behind the silverware rack. I find that spot fits my toddler’s smaller character plates just perfectly! I like the silverware to be organized by knives (upside down), forks, spoons, & “extras”. I just find that it saves SOOOO much time when I am unloading it. I try to make as little work for myself as possible. Although, somehow, it always seems like there is more than enough My hubby does not scrub the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher & puts things in very haphazardly (when he puts them in at all) and I am always secretly pulling them back out to scrub them or rearrange the dishes so that I can fit more dishes in. C’mon, does ONE big large bowl need to take up an entire quarter of the top rack? Sometimes he will catch me & rearranging & be all “Hey, what are you doing?” And I innocently say “Oh nothing!” I don’t want to make him feel bad, so I don’t harp on him, I just do it. Much like many other of our (my?) household chores. LOL. Can’t complain too much though…. he tries. This is what you get when you marry a man who had nannies & housekeepers all of his life. I prefer to blame my Mother-In-Law! Hah!

Sherry C

My loading style- Cram & Jam. I have a large family dirtying up dishes faster than I can clean them and 4 dogs who always want to inspect them as they are going in, so I have to get them loaded and the door closed as quickly as possible. What it lacks in aesthetics is compensated for with speed and efficiency.

Congratulations on making the top 10! Good Luck Everyone!

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