Lego Marvel Avengers Game

My son is a full out gaming child who can’t get enough game time. I, however, am very cautious with what games he is allowed to play and watch. Lego games have been around for some time now and I can happily say that I love that  my son is interested in the Lego games as they are good clean fun games for any age.

The excitement was so fun to see in his face when he found out we were getting the Lego Marvel Avengers game for the PS3 to try out. We were sent a download of the game and it did take some time to download and get installed, but once it was ready to go it was game on for the boys in my house.

Lego Marvel Avengers
My husband was even excited to have a game that they both enjoy playing so that they could play together. Really is there an age with boys where they ever out grow their interest for superheros?

Lego Marvel Avengers
Lego Avengers allows you to play as your favorite Avengers characters, as you fly, run, and smash your way through the levels, recognizing scenes from your favorite Marvel movies.

Lego Marvel Avengers
Play in the quest to save the world, as you unlock over 100 new and returning heros from the previous games that include  a wide variety of skills and capabilities. Play in single player mode, or with a friend, work together to create new combined abilities of special moves to defeat your enemies.

Lego Marvel Avengers
Play also in  free play gameplay where you are on a quest to find and collect gold bricks, studs and unlock more favorite  characters.
Lego Marvel Avengers
I appreciate that fighting is very simple and easy to control, each character has a punch attack and one special attack. Marvel Avengers has added unique moves that can be used when 2 characters combine their skills to create a special attack.

Lego Avengers is available for most gaming consoles. I will admit I have a little weakness when it comes to Lego games as there is always a task to complete or a special hidden object that needs to be found. Lego Marvel Avengers is a fun family game that will have you playing with your kids on a fast-paced  adventure. Head over to and pick up a copy to play with your kids.


  1. Jenn says

    This looks like fun. We have a few Lego games, our girls really enjoy them.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    This looks like a fun game to get my nephew! He loves playing video games and I think that he would enjoy this game!

  3. Sandy Weinstein says

    lego is in to everything. every new thing that comes out relating to kids, Lego makes something. adults like them too. i am not into gaming but i like the things that are made with legos.

  4. Sarah L says

    This looks like a good family game. I don’t like the violence in many games.

  5. June S. says

    (Lego Marvel Avengers Game) Wow! This sure sounds like a real fun video game to play. This would be a good game for my grandson to play when he gets a little older.

  6. Great post! My children also loves this line of LEGO by comics , especially LEGO Minecraft)

  7. Betty B. says

    Looks like loads of fun! We actually picked the lego marvel game up yesterday for my sons birthday on monday! I like that he can play with one of his brothers on it!

  8. Lego and Marvel? A game like this would be a dream come true for my son!

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