Lego Chima Eglors Twin Bike

Lego Chima Eglors Twin Bike

Sample received for review. All opinions are my own.

Lego is a boys best friend! This past year my 5 year old son has really grown to enjoy playing with Legos. He is a boy that loves his video games and watching TV so when it comes to turning off the screens he does not like playing by himself… he feels like he always needs someone beside him playing. Well I have discovered the only thing he will play with by himself is Legos! Legos have been a lifesaver for me.

One of his favourite morning cartoons is Lego Chima and Lego Ninjago. Given the chance to review the Lego Chima Eglors Twin Bike was a definite yes. Out of the boxo you get 2 bags of Legos labeled 1 and 2. There is a lot of assembly required for the building of the Twin Bike. My hidden secret is that I LOVE putting things together, so I was thrilled to assemble it as my 5 year old is still learning how to follow instructions to assemble structures out of lego.

The instructions are very simple to follow. I appreciate that it shows you only a couple pieces at a time to put together on each instruction step. So you don’t get overwhelmed you only open bag 1 as instructed and follow the instructions until you are told to open bag 2. All together it took me about 30-45 min to assemble the Eglors Twin Bike, and I did have a few extra pieces left over.

There are 2 Lego Chima characters that come with this set Eglor and Razcal. For the one character there is a helicopter pack to build that connects to his back, the propellers turn very easily and smooth for a realistic play.

The Bike itself is a all terrain big wheels motor bike that you can transform into a eagle flying craft and back again. I personally think that Lego is one of the best toys you can get a little boy. There are endless themed Lego sets or just plain colored Lego bricks… both are a must have. I love that he is learning to follow instructions as he builds the kits or just using his imagination to build a house or garage for his cars. I enjoy watching Karson play Legos and learn to problem solve on his own as he has to change parts to make it work like he wants.

Find your Lego Chima Eglors Twin Bike at Toys R Us  and help expand your child’s imagination for only $26.99


  1. Stephen says

    I saw these at Legoland. They are pretty neat!

  2. Michelle F. says

    Would love that for my nephew!

  3. md Kennedy says

    My nephew is huge LEGO fan – he’ll love this for his birthday next month. Thanks for the idea and review!

  4. Tanya Holland says

    I love legos. They keep my two girls entertained for quite a while. I like all of the different sets they have.

  5. Richard Hicks says

    My nephew would love to have this. I am so surprised at the things LEGO sells!

  6. ellen beck says

    Goodness any young boy especially would love this!!! Combine Legos with something tough looking they would sure be happy.

  7. Sandra VanHoey says

    My 6 year old grandson is a lot like your son so I’ll bet he would love this as well. it would also entertain him for some time and he loved building with legos

  8. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    this is the most epic Lego toy i’ve seen!

  9. Julie Wood says

    My nephew got Legos for Christmas and he loves playing with them. He would love to play with this set, it looks pretty amazing and fun. I will have to get this for his birthday!

  10. Such a great starter bike for the little ones. Wish they were around when I was a kid!

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