Legal case: how will it affect my family?

When you’re involved in a legal case, such as the Tasigna lawsuit, for example, or you’ve been in a car accident, it can feel all-consuming. Finding a lawyer, wondering whether the case will go to trial and balancing financial worries can be extremely difficult, and this can have a significant impact on your family. You might worry that your children will be affected. 

However, many families go through legal struggles and manage to stay connected. Some even feel that it brings them closer together. So, how might a legal case affect your family and what can you do to prevent any difficulties? 


One of the hardest things about being involved in a court case is that it takes up a lot of time – and energy. This means that, as a parent, you might feel unable to spend as much quality time with your children. Even little things like picking them up from school or dropping them at after school groups might be difficult to manage. However, it’s important to make sure your kids know that you want to spend time with them. Finding ten minutes in the evenings to read a bedtime story or getting up earlier to have breakfast together once a week will let them know that you value your time together and will help to keep your close-knit connection.


All parents need to be able to communicate with their kids. It’s important to encourage them to talk about their feelings and not bottle things up. Your kids may be feeling some levels of confusion around the court case, and they may have questions. Whilst you might not be able to go into details, you need to be open with them about what’s happening, and explain that this is a difficult time. They will respect you for being honest and will understand why you might not be spending as much time at home. 

Social media

In our digital age, most children use social media. You may be aware of this, and keep a close eye on their online activity. However, things can become complicated with social media during a legal case, as anything posted online can be used in court. Therefore, you may need to communicate this with your child and make sure they understand what they can and can’t be posting. Likewise, if your case gets media attention, this could have a significant impact on your family life. It isn’t pleasant for children to see things posted about their parents online, especially if they don’t understand the complications of the case. Therefore, having an open and honest relationship is important. 


There are no two ways about it: being involved in a legal case is stressful. As a parent, it’s important to try not to project this onto your kids. This means learning to manage your stress levels and find ways to relax, like taking a bath, going for a walk or speaking to your partner. You might want to consider taking a vacation if time allows.



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