Legal and Safety Concerns Surrounding the Use of CBD

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of CBD. While the manufacturers, sellers and some health experts praise the cannabidiol compound for its numerous health benefits, others raise concerns that some other ingredients in CBD-containing substances can have adverse health effects on your body.

For instance, some marijuana vaping liquid in Utah was found to contain harmful amounts of 5-fluoro MDMB-PINACA, which increases the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and seizures in humans. Actually, one doctor felt obliged to test the vape juice after numerous cases of seizures were brought to her. Surprisingly, CBD has been praised as a solution to mitigate seizures and cardiovascular illnesses. When people vape marijuana to benefit from the CBD, other components can become harmful.

From such incidences, people are left to wonder whether CBD is safe even as it is legalized in many countries across the world. But before making any conclusion, it is worth noting that there are numerous research studies being carried out to understand this compound in greater detail as well as the two main sources, which are hemp and marijuana.

When Is CBD Harmful to the Body?

The compound cannabidiol or CBD, as it is commonly known, is very potent in its pure form. But there are some instances when it will cause harm to the body rather than do good. Let us look at the following examples.

  1.       Marijuana in its entirety – many countries around the world have not yet legalized the use of marijuana unless it is for medical purposes. Mainly, using the entire plant makes people high, which affects the functioning of the brain. Actually, its abuse can lead to psychological problems.
  2.       CBD contaminated with excess THC – the best CBD contains less than 0.3% THC. If this percent goes higher, like in the case of the marijuana plant, it will have an effect on the brain and cause some health issues such as reduced decision-making abilities, dizziness and a feeling of sedation.
  3.       Inclusion of other chemicals – often CBD is infused in other products to diversify its use. For instance, it is now a common ingredient in cosmetic products and edibles. But if harmful chemicals are also included in these products, its usefulness will be compromised.

Ensuring That the CBD Used Is Safe

When buying any CBD oil, tincture, concentrate or product that is infused with CBD, take some precautionary measures. The first one is to ensure that it is not expired or does not show any signs of being faulty.

Also, go for CBD products from respected sellers only. For instance, visiting this Homepage will lead you to some amazing hemp CBD products that you can trust. Experts recommend the use of organic CBD that has been extracted using the cleanest method to avoid contamination. Luckily, reputable manufacturers use the CO2 method, which is the best.


CBD products should be as safe as possible to deliver health benefits. The problem arises when CBD is mixed with harmful chemicals. In the worst cases, CBD is harmful when it expires or becomes faulty because of poor storage conditions. But with the above insights, everyone is assured of getting the best CBD.




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