Leappad 3 from LeapFrog

Leappad 3 from LeapFrog

I received this product for free as part of a promotional program with LeapFrog. All opinions are my own.


My Ethan is a little LeapPad expert. He has owned every version since the original and currently plays with the Ultra. I knew he would be interested in testing out the new version, but wondered what he would think of the new LeapPad 3 when it arrived.

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As with the previous versions, the LeapPad 3 offers personalized learning for each child. You can have multiple logins and games and books adjust automatically to the level of learning your child needs as they progress, offering just the right challenge.

The LeapPad is still very Kid Safe and Kid Tough. Boasting kid-safe web content, created by LeapFrog learning experts, and offering a kid-tough design, products don’t get much better than this for kids.


This version allows for peer-to-peer play, so if Emma were to have a Leappap 3 they could play games together like Pet Chat and Pet Pad Party.

The LeapPad 3 is also Wi-Fi enabled. Ethan has recently learned the joys of the internet, but because he can’t read he will click on random things. Sometimes he ends up on pages that I don’t necessarily feel are appropriate. But with LeapSearch only age-appropriate content will be shown to him.

If you need a little more security, the Parental Controls allow you to decide exactly what your children can (and cannot!) access.

Finally, the LeapPad 3 comes with a 5″ screen, 4GB of Memory, Rechargeable Battery, Parental Controls, Two Cameras and Video Recorders.


As soon as he saw it, Ethan couldn’t wait to get his hands on the LeapPad 3. He has nicknamed the LeapPad 3 the “small LeapPad” to differentiate between his Ultra and this. Even with a smaller screen, it caught Ethan’s attention and held it.


The graphics on the LeapPad 3 seem a bit more crisp and the processor definitely feels like it moves faster which means Ethan isn’t griping the his LeapPad is frozen while his game loads.


With 4GB of memory there is plenty of room to store the photos and videos your child will take as well as any saved artwork or downloaded LeapPad games or books.

I’m also enjoying the fact that there are no batteries to worry about with the LeapPad 3. The rechargeable battery can handle several hours of intense play and learning before needing a recharge.

You can’t forget the camera and video recorder. Ethan can entertain himself for hours just taking selfies and video of silly things like the dinosaurs in his room. It’s fun to sift through the shots he’s captured to see things from his perspective.

Lastly, I love that there are many learning games available online through the LeapFrog Connect app that are downloadable. That means not cartridges to lose down the sofa cushion or going through the wash in a little ones pocket.

With each new improved version, the price point remains the same… making it a great value for your little ones birthday or Christmas present. Take it from a mom with 5 different tablets. I incur less stress and headaches when I just hand them the LeapPad. 


You can purchase the LeapPad 3 at Amazon



  1. I think I want to get one of these for my 3 year old grandson. He is starting preschool this year and he is very smart. Love all of the features you described!!!

  2. Looks like he’s having fun. We love LeapPad

  3. shelly peterson says

    These are really nice. My grandson Has a LeapPad 3 and just loves it.

  4. Stacey Roberson says

    I would love to get my son on of these tablets. SO many games and apps to keep him entertained. I have downloaded a few games on my tablet and he loves interacting with the puzzles. I’m sure he would enjoy the LeapPad.

  5. Nicole Dz says

    Leapfrog always has the best educational and fun stuff to keep my kids learning. I love there tablet. We take it everywhere, especially when traveling.

  6. I really like that this tablet is not only designed to be kid friendly but it also embraces education. LeapFrog is awesome!

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