Leap Frog Talking Digital Camera Review


My Emma has been wanting to explore her artistic side by taking pictures for some time now. So when Leap Frog offered to let us review their talking digital camera we jumped at the chance.

Out of the box the camera is a nice size… not too big for chubby hands, but not too small either. The screen is 1.5 inches (a bit on the small side, but workable)  and there are only a couple of buttons to work.

I got to work and started putting the batteries in (brand new rechargeables) . I noticed as I fumbled with the lid that the batteries were immediately getting hot (?) . I wasn’t sure what that was about, but I continued to replace the battery cover.

I had read some reviews where people were complaining about how many pictures this IMG_1839 camera will take (not enough) and that they couldn’t figure out how to delete them so their child could take more. I have to say, after spending 5 minutes reading the instructions I found that I can change the size of the photos being stored (allowing more room) and I also found how to delete photos one at a time and all at once. Both of these functions are a little more difficult so the child cannot do it accidentally, but they are also not so hard to do you can’t figure it out.

So let’s get to the “talking” portion of this camera. It says things like “great shot!”…. every. time. they. take. a. picture (did you notice the emphasis I put on that?). Okay, that got annoying very quickly. So I dug around in the instruction manual and found “how to turn off sound”. Yippee!! Crises avoided, right? Wrong… The next time we turned the camera on it started yapping away… again *sigh*.

So, my overall thoughts on this camera are a little confused and mixed. I love the size and feel. It takes a decent amount of pictures before having the decide to delete or upload. When you read the instructions the buttons are not that hard to figure out. My main concern with this camera is that you cannot permanently turn the sound off. My goal was to not even let Emma know there was a “talking” feature as we tend to not enjoy noisy toys in our house (with 4 kids all the sounds add up fast!). I think the enjoyment factor is high on this particular toy… and I’m pretty sure it will be one that will be enjoyed beyond the holidays.

You can purchase the Leap Frog digital camera at Toys R Us for $49.99.

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  1. Sippy Cup Mom says

    Thank you so much for this review. I was looking to get one for Hayden, and this helped me decide! 😉

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