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Know Your Car Seat Ages and Stages

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New and veteran parents alike often do not know exactly when and if they can transition their children to the next step in car seats.

I’ve seen far too many toddlers still strapped into infant carriers and far too many littles moved up from forward facing seats to boosters before their proper time.

Fortunately, companies like Chicco are here to help us. The Ages and Stages infographic below is a fabulous resource to bookmark for future reference.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.10.51 AMIf your child is ready to transition… that means they are ready to exceed their current seat’s limits and are not only old enough and big enough, but mature enough to move on to a booster, it’s time to start researching seats.

Booster seats are a crucial part of transitioning a child out of a car seat. I have both a large 6 year old and a smaller 8 year old (both in the 55 pound 4 foot range). We only recently moved to a belt positioning booster because up until that point they were content in their 5 point harness and they hadn’t outgrown their seats.

They were finally ready (and very vocal about it) and since belt positioning boosters are a safe method of restraint on older, more mature children, we agreed to make the move.

Having a child be “mature enough” means can they sit still, they can be trusted to not adjust the belt to under their arm instead of over their shoulder and they will not take the belt off until they have been told it’s safe to.

The whole prospect of booster shopping can make a mom’s head spin. My shopping is always easier because there are only a few main brands I trust.

Chicco is at the top of the list.

Chicco is the maker of the #1-rated KeyFit Infant Car Seat and NextFit Convertible Car Seat… and they are launching a new booster!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.49.10 AMChicco’s new KidFit Booster Seat is designed for children that are ready to move from the 3-in-1 combo seats and harnessed boosters to a belt positioning booster.

The KidFit Booster offers:

  • DuoZone™ 10-position head and shoulder side-impact protection
  • SuperCinch® LATCH attachment and tightener
  • ErgoBoost™ contoured seat with double foam padding
  • 2 removable cup holders fold away when not in use
  • Removable, machine-washable seat pad and armrest covers
  • 2-position backrest adjusts to mimic vehicle seat position
  • Removable backrest for use as backless booster

With the KidFit Booster you retain all of the nice amenities of a convertible like cup holders, side impact protection, and head rests while allowing the older child to use a seat belt at the proper position for their size.

My kids were worried about “riding in a baby seat”…. I was worried about their safety. With the proper belt positioning seat they are no longer embarrassed to get in and out of the car in the car riders line at school and I can rest easy knowing they are still protected.

With the addition of the KidFit Booster, Chicco now offers a full range of car seats to accommodate every age and stage.

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  1. shelly peterson says

    Thanks for sharing this important information. I will pass it along to several people who will find it helpful.

  2. Sarah L says

    Can you believe that 40 years ago car seats were not required? It’s a wonder so many of us survived.

  3. I knew it was important to keep a child rear facing for as long as possible, but all of this extra information is wonderful. I am in a bad predicament with my 8yr old right now.

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