Kitchen Remodeling with Your Children in Mind

Have you been wanting to remodel your kitchen, but have been apprehensive because you have young children? Wanting to wait until your children are older until major changes are made to your home is an understandable and common concern. 

 However, you do not need to wait. A kitchen remodel can be extremely beneficial to a growing family, and there are a multitude of ways that a kitchen remodel can be practical, safe, and fun for families.  

Evaluate the Safety Concerns 

There are always dangers when doing construction in a home with children, so it is important to address all the possible risks associated with a kitchen renovation. Some of these risks include, but are not limited to: sharp objects/tools, air quality, toxic chemicals, and dangerous waste/materials. However, you can make an effort so that these things pose less of a risk to your family.  

  • Talk to your contractor and ensure all tools and sharp objects are placed in safe, hard to access locations when work is not taking place.  
  • Be conscious of the air quality during the construction process. Seal off the area of work with sheeting, and make sure clean air is circulating throughout the space by appropriately sealing vents in the workspace.  
  • Keep any chemicals or materials that contain harmful chemicals out of reach of children. Again, having a conversation with your contractor about your safety concerns would be beneficial in preventing unnecessary personal injury. 

Choosing a Child-Friendly Design 

There are many ways to create a beautiful, unique, and useful kitchen that will be safe for your children.  

  • An open floor plan makes for less hazards in the kitchen, while also providing a space that children can roam freely within.  
  • Keep cabinets, drawers, and countertops at a safe and appropriate height to avoid and prevent injuries such as head injuries and finger/hand injuries. 
  • Avoid sharp ends on your cabinets and countertops.  
  • Choose reliable and safe kitchen appliances. It is worth it to do your research on kitchen appliances, so you do not have to deal with the complications of a defective product.  

Making the kitchen a fun, safe space for your children is important. Many people include islands in their kitchen. This can prove to be an area of fun for your children that is away from hot stoves, ovens, and other kitchen appliances, where they can enjoy crafts, baking/cooking with supervision, and more! Pro-tip: invest in kid-friendly kitchen utensils/appliances so that they can feel included and be involved in all areas of the kitchen safely.  

Your kids will learn to love their time spent in the kitchen if it is curated into an entertaining place where they can expand and explore its endless possibilities. A kitchen remodel with young children in the house can be daunting, but following the necessary safety procedures and working with your contractor to create a family-friendly space proves worthwhile.  

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