vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch for Kids

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Toys have come such a long way since we were kids. While we once played with sticks, balls, and pull toys, we now have tablets, loads of electronics, and so much more! Oh to be a kid today!

I was asked to review the Kidizoom Watch by VTech.

This watch isn’t just a watch, it does so many things!

Kids can capture photos, add photo effects, record videos and play built-in games for learning fun on the go. Complete with an easy-to-use 1.4’’ color touch screen, as well as more than 50 digital and analog clock displays, the multi-functional Kidizoom Smartwatch is perfect for kids learning to tell time. The Kidizoom Smartwatch also boasts a rechargeable battery, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, voice recorder with funny voice changing effects and parental game controls.

Now, I know that we don’t want our kids playing mindless video games, but the mini-games on the Kidizoom Watch are educational, so they can think they’re just playing a game when they’re actually learning. Sort of like hiding veggies inside of their mashed potatoes, but we’ll keep that one to ourselves!


Kidizoom® Smartwatch (Ages 4 years and up; MSRP: $59.99) features include:

·         1.4 inch color touch screen

·         Camera for taking photos and recording videos

·         Voice recorder with 5 voice changing effects

·         Special effects including customized photo frames, color filters and distortion effects; fun video frames

·         4 fun games, included: Super Detective, Rotating Puzzle, Finger Dance, and Time Master

·         Kid-durable design to withstand drops and bumps

·         Splash proof and sweat proof

·         Alarm clock with fun tones and animation

·         Timer and stopwatch in kid-friendly themes

·         50+ digital and traditional analog displays

·         Rechargeable battery

·         4 vibrant colors: blue, pink, white and green

·         Micro USB cable for data transfer and battery recharging

·         Access to Learning Lodge app store to download more games and watch displays


When your child tires of the games that are provided, you can go to VTech’s Learning Lodge, and purchase new mini-games. With 50 different watch faces to choose from it’s like a new watch every day!


The Kidizoom Watch is splash proof (but not water resistant so please remove before bath or shower time), so everyday play (or hand washing for Ethan) will not get in the way of your child’s new watch. This is good news because Ethan has worn this watch for 4 days straight now including to bed.

Ethan loves that he has a watch to see what time it is, a timer because he likes to “test” to see how long things take, a camera to snap photos and a video camera to embarrass his sister (in that order). The games are secondary to him, but I love that he can play a game or two in the car and not be bored.

You can connect the watch to your computer to download more mini-games, and the battery is rechargeable, which means no buying loads of batteries, which will save you money!

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You can purchase the Kidizoom Smartwatch at Amazon.com


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This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on September 10, 2014.

Have you tried out the new Kidizoom Watch by VTech? Do you normally purchase VTech toys? Let me know in the comments!


  1. James Robert says

    I know my daughter would like the 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset – Pink

  2. Mary Happymommy says

    I like the Vtech Mobigo.

  3. Mary Happymommy says

    I like the Vtech Mobigo.

  4. Mary Happymommy says

    I like the Vtech Mobigo.

  5. laura revilla says

    I like the Vtech Mobigo

  6. tina m says

    I like the write and learn spellboard advanced, this would help my daughter with school work

  7. D Schmidt says

    Another fantastic item is the Innotab 3s

  8. Carolyn Barnett says

    I like the Call & Chat Learning Phone!

  9. heather eg kaufman says

    My son would like that it has a voice recorder lets kids record their voice and play with five voice-changing effects.

  10. We love VTech here. My youngest has a few of the Sofia toys and loves them. They are played with daily!

  11. Fawn H says

    I like the Switch & Go Dinos Turbo – Digger the Woolly Mammoth

  12. i want the go go smart wheels.

    Thank you Heather for another fabulous giveaway!

  13. shelly peterson says

    I like the Innotab Max, my grandson would love it.

  14. Elizabeth P. says

    My kids would like the MobiGo.

  15. Candice says

    I would love to get my nephew a Switch and Go Dino.

  16. Teh Doll says

    The switch and go dinos looks fun. My kids love their innotab this watch would make the perfect bday present for my little guy.

  17. Danielle Papsis says

    I’d like to have the MobiGo 2

  18. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’d love the Innotab Max for my children as well!

  19. Melissa Hartley says

    I learned that the INNOTAB was voted one of the 10 Best High Technology Products 2013.

  20. Marci Wright says

    We love Vtech toys! My son’s favorites are the Switch & Go Dinosaurs.

  21. I like that the Kidizoom Smartwatch has a built-in camera. How cool is that? I would love to see the pictures my niece and nephew would take with it.

  22. Jennifer Rote says

    I’d like the InnoTab 3S Plus or my grandson.

  23. Devon F says

    I like the 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset – Pink

  24. Alona Y says

    I’d love to get my daughter the forest adventure playset! She would love all of the go go smart animals.

  25. love the 2 in 1 shop cook playset for my niece. thankyou, ken

  26. Kristen says

    I like the Go! Go! Smart Wheels – Ultimate Amazement Park Playset

  27. Cathy Jarolin says

    I Like the Switch & Go Dinos Crew Bundle. My Grandson loves dinosaurs . These would be perfect for him

  28. amanda roach says

    i love that the watch has mini learning games.

  29. Donna W. says

    My son would love the voice changing features and recording on this.

  30. Barbara Montag says

    I also like the InnoTab 3 with 2 Cartridges Bundle.
    thank you

  31. AndreaH says

    I’d love the Switch & Go Dinos – Jagger the T-Rex. What I love about vetch is that they offer toys that allow a child to learn a ton while having fun.

  32. Sarah Griffin says

    I would like to get my youngest son the Write & Learn touch tablet!

  33. Adrienne gordon says

    I like and want the innotab

  34. Katherine says

    I would love an INnotabPlus

  35. Amanda F says

    I like the smarthwatch is splash proof and has a camera. My youngest would probably like the switch and go dinos and the innotab max.

  36. Steph Bkn says

    I love the innotabe 3 s, looks like an awesome learning tool for kids, a fun way to learn!

  37. Ashley turicik says

    I would also like the innotab 3s

  38. April Brenay says

    my boys love the switch and go dinos, they try to collect them all!

  39. nickie says

    I like the Vtech Mobigo

  40. Debbie Welchert says

    I really like the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels.

  41. Michelle Weaver says

    I like the learning games that is included with the watch.

  42. Sarah L says

    The kids can choose their own watch face
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. Robin Abrams says

    I would love the Vtech Mobigo

  44. Eloise Carlson says

    My 5 year old daughter would love the MobiGo game system and the Ultimate Spiderman MobiGo game cartridge. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  45. jeevon kay says

    I love the Kidizoom Watch. How cool is it to be able to play games, take pictures and videos with the watch on your own wrist!! bet my kids gonna love that

  46. Katy says

    I really like how kids can customize the watch face to either an analog or digital view!

  47. Virginia Rowell says

    I love the police station playset. My grandson would have a blast.

  48. Nici r says

    I like the Go Go Smart wheel airport set

  49. Tara Liebing says

    I like that you can take photos and videos.

  50. Cheryl B. says

    I like the Mobigo 2. I think my Grand-daughter would love it.

  51. amy williams says

    Both of my boys love switch and go dinos and I love everything vtech but this is the first time I have seen this watch and know my son would love it.

  52. Birdiebee says

    I love that you can choose your watch face on the smartwatch.

  53. Robyn says

    I like that the watch is water proof. I would also love to have the innotab 3s for my little guy!

  54. Leela says

    The innotab 3.

  55. Natalie S says

    I also have the innotab 3s for my boys and we love it! Great educational game cartridges available too.

  56. Sarah C says

    I would love to get the Innotab max!

  57. Kelly H. says

    I also like the Strum & Jam KidiBand.

  58. Kelly D says

    I like the Innotab Max, since it has educational Apps for my kids.

  59. Mary Jenkins says

    The girls pink flashlight is cool!

  60. Monique Rizzo says

    The MobiGo looks super cool!

  61. Jessica Cox says

    My daughter would love the Go! Go! Smart Animals – Zoo Explorers Playset

  62. Lilia Kharabora says

    We really want this watch! But after looking through the site the InnoTab MAX is also amazing!

  63. Daniel M says

    the innotab looks good too

  64. Stacey Roberson says

    I also like the Little Apps Tablet.

  65. Holli G. says

    I like the innotab for my little ones!

  66. latanya says

    I like the innotab max

  67. Karen Drake says

    I would like to have the Pink MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System for my daughter.

  68. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    For my grandson I would like for him to have the Busy Learners Activity Cube

  69. Rosey says

    I like the Go Go Smart Wheels Police Station Playset.

  70. xty cruz says

    I like the trum & Jam KidiBand – Pink

  71. Lesley F says

    I like the Infant Gift Set: Catch Me Kitty + Stacking Animal Squares Top

  72. Mihaela Day says

    I like the Vtech Mobigo 🙂

  73. Nancy says

    I learned that you can take photos and video with this Smartwatch.

  74. Betty says

    The switch and go Dino looks fun. I’m sure that my nephew would really enjoy the Kidizoom

  75. Caroline Wampler says

    I would also like the InnoTab! My niece would love it 🙂

  76. Jill Myrick says

    I also like the InnoTab Max from VTech.


  77. Ellie W says

    My grandson would like the Switch & Go Dinos® Crew Bundle.

  78. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I like the InnoTab Max. It looks fun. I’m sure my son would love it.

  79. Erica B. says

    The Innotab Max is nice too.

  80. Hesper Fry says

    I like the busy learners activity cube.

  81. Lisa V. says

    I like the camera feature on the watch.

  82. Carolyn Daley says

    I like that the watch includes four fun games and comes with a rechargeable battery. On the Vtech website, I really like the Innotab 3 Plus for my nephew because it would be a great device with fun interactive educational games. I think many of the devices like the Innotab 3 from Vtech are great because they make learning fun for kids.

  83. Sonya says

    I’d love the Innotab 3S!

  84. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I like the included apps.

  85. christine j says

    i love the switch n go dinos

  86. T Michelle Trump says

    My nephew would love the switch and go dinos!

  87. RICHARD HICKS says

    I want their Slide & Talk Smart Phone

  88. Elizabeth says

    My nephew would love the Learning Phone that you can call and chat on!

  89. tina reynolds says

    I think the MobiGo would be a huge hit with my three kiddos

  90. Karen T Gonyea says

    I love the apps that are included 🙂

  91. Charity M says

    My two youngest LOVE their Mobigo’s and laptop! We are huge fans of Vtech kids toys. This watch would be the perfect Christmas present for our 5 year old. 🙂

  92. Sarah Hall says

    I love the fact that they can take pictures or videos with the Smartwatch.

  93. Tammy Shelton says

    I learned that you can take pictures with it.

  94. justina justice says

    would love a learning tablet

  95. susan smoaks says

    i like the fact that the watch has a camera on it that will be a huge hit!

  96. Teresa Thompson says

    I like the InnoTab 3.

  97. Lisa L says

    My daughter would love the cute Sofia the First Royal Learning Tablet

  98. Jennifer M says

    I like the switch and go dinos.

  99. Shakeia Rieux says

    I really like the InnoTab® MAX

  100. Tim says

    I think this watch is great for kids but I also like their Innotabs as well.

  101. trixx says

    The 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset in pink, looks like fun!

  102. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I like the Go! Go! Smart Wheels – Ultimate Amazement Park Playset

  103. Donna Kellogg says

    I would love to have a mobigo 2 . My grandson would love it .

  104. Christian Alejandro says

    Iilke the Innotab 3!

  105. Melanie Comello says

    I learned that my lil one could play games on this, which might man that I’d get control over my phone back.

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