Eye-Eye Captain! Keeping Your Kids’ Eyes Healthy

Children are resilient little creatures, but just like adults they get sick and they have a need for regular appointments. Dentists and doctors are to be seen on a regular basis, of course, but a lot of parents overlook seeing an eye specialist from time to time. We, as adults, often take for granted how much our children can see. We assume that as they haven’t complained about a lack of sight, they must be just fine. The thing is, the world could be blurry for your little ones and you’d not know, because it’s normal for them!

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There are things you can do though, to ensure that they keep their eyes as healthy as possible. Part of that is making sure you look into GoMedigap.com to ensure you don’t have huge excess on your appointments and prescriptions. The rest is making sure you’re vigilant about check-ups! So, what else can you do to make sure your kids have got the healthiest eyes going?

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Get Tested

Regular appointments to the eye doctor are important and are an essential to the health of your children’s eyes. Eye tests can catch any problems early on, and tell whether your children are short sighted, long sighted, or are suffering astigmatism. The sooner any issues are picked up, the sooner you can get some glasses sorted out.

Taste The Rainbow

You may have grown up hearing about how carrots can make you see in the dark. Eating a variety of fruit and vegetables with the right vitamins and minerals in them can ensure your children’s eyes are growing healthily. Make food fun with these tips to get the healthy goodness into them without much issue!

Shield Them

Your eyes will be sensitive to the light in the extreme, so imagine how your children’s eyes feel. In the summer months, make sure they have sunglasses for those warm and sunny days. They can protect those sensitive lenses from too much UV light. Add a hat with a wide brim or a cap to shield eyes further.

Natural Matters

Getting outside in the natural light is important for eye health, there’s just a difference between being in the open air and staring at the sun, so let the kids play in the back as much as they like on a sunny day.


We all develop our senses by working them out. We taste new food and gain new experiences through touch, smell and hearing. Well, our sight works in the same way. From a young age, you should be encouraging your children to interact with high contrast toys, mirrors and lights so that their eyes get a workout!

Eye health is so important and if you want to avoid too many issues, it makes sense that you do what you can to promote that health. Always follow the guidance and advice of your eye specialist, and keep up to date with all appointments. See what you can see when you pay attention to your children’s eyes.


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