Keeping Your Child’s Skin as Healthy as Possible

Keeping Your Child’s Skin as Healthy as Possible

Your child’s skin is very delicate and as such can experience a variety of issues, from moles and dry skin to diaper rash and sunburn.


While you have the joy of nuzzling those tiny fingers and soft cheeks, you also have the responsibility of keeping the child’s sensitive skin free from allergies, irritation and harmful chemicals in the environment.

You need to spot and address the child’s skin problems along with adopting usual skin care. But as the skin is extremely sensitive, you’re advised to invest in natural solutions wherever possible. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Use homeopathic ingredients to treat skin conditions

If your child has a skin condition such as a mole or a skin rash, use solutions that feature homeopathic ingredients to address symptoms effectively and painlessly. Natural mole removal products and homeopathic options for other skin conditions can be used on most types of skin conditions. The process simply requires a bit of patience, and the skin condition can be cleared up without any scarring or pain.

These kind of solutions can be applied on most sensitive areas of the skin, including the face, neck, arms, arm pits, torso, feet, legs and stomach. It is easier to check for facial skin disorders than skin changes anywhere else on the body but a skincare specialist will be needed if there are disorders in areas that you do not inspect regularly.

Wash the clothing and adopt good bathing practices

New towels and clothes used on the child should be washed before use. It’s fine to use regular detergents, but if you get access to special “child laundry” detergents, use them as they leave less residue after the wash. The detergent is to blame if the child gets rashes or irritation on body parts that come in contact with the clothes.

When the tub time rolls around, be easy on the suds, especially if the little one has a skin condition of any kind. Give your child a tub bath only couple of times a week until they’ve begun crawling and eating solids. Choose a mild soap or skin it completely as it can irritate the skin. You should always limit the quantity of chemicals your child’s skin is exposed to.

Keep the skin moisturized and clean

Moisturizing the skin will replenish the nutrients lost by the skin and provide it with a protective barrier, so you should be doing this regularly, usually in morning, afternoon and night. Moisturizing creams are good picks because they contain humectants (helping the skin retain moisture), oil and go more smoothly. Lotions are another option but may dry out sensitive skin.

Also, you can rely on moisturizing ointments, but they don’t always absorb well and can be greasy. You may want to vary the type of moisturizers used, depending on whether they’re applied on dry skin and whether they’re applied before bath or after bath. Regardless of the choice, always use fragrance free moisturizers as fragrances give rise to skin allergies.

Lastly, the drier and cleaner child’s bottom, the less likely their skin will suffer from irritation. Clean the skin with water and baby wipe after very diaper change, and allow the skin to dry completely before applying diaper cream. The child should also be given some diaper free time on the towel each day.


  1. Sarah L says

    I think natural products without chemicals are good for the whole family but especially kids.

  2. Sandy Weinstein says

    i think it is important to use all natural products on children’s skin and the entire family. i use a homeopathic vet for my dogs. i try not to use any chemicals in my house and yard. i am a big ingredient reader for everything that i buy. there are several excellent all natural products for kids today.

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