Karson Turns 6 | Rainbow Waffles and Lego Party Ideas

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My oldest just turned 6 in April, and the theme he picked for his birthday party was Lego.

Rainbow Waffles
We started out his birthday morning with some rainbow waffles that I found on www.youtube.com.

It was so simple to do…

  • Make your waffle mix as normal, split your batter into 4 ziplock bags and then add food coloring. (I used green, blue, yellow and red. Squish and mix the color all in.)
  • When your waffle maker is heated up and ready snip a hole in 1 corner of each bag.
  • Start with a little dab of your first color and then a ring of your next color around the center dot. Continue with the rest of the colors.
  • Close the lid and wait for it to cook. If your waffle maker has a heat control then turn it down so that it doesn’t tint the color of your waffles.( My maker doesn’t have a dial so I just had to be careful that I didn’t over cook them.)
  • Once cooked I cut them in half to make the rainbow, added some whip cream for clouds (or you can use ice cream) and a little cup of gold at the end of the rainbow (syrup).


These were a huge hit with the kids. I will say that it was super easy to do, but I think I cut my hole in the bag too big and it did get messy. Lesson learned… don’t cute the hole too big.

Lego cake
I grew up with my mom making my birthday cakes so I like to make my kids cakes. I found a couple Lego themed cakes I liked and took ideas and created my own Lego cake.

I wanted to try making marshmallow fondant, but was a little scared to try something new. Well, I did it any way and it was so easy, simple to color and easy to use!

I cut out rectangles to make all the lego bricks, and to make the top of the cake look like top of Lego bricks I used a round icing tip to punch out  little circles and placed them on the top.

I used real Lego men to make the cake look like the Lego men were making the cake.

It took about 7 hours to create this cake and I loved the way it came out! My son was so excited to see this cake come to life as he helped me put the finishing touches on and place the Lego men in their spots.

baby food jars lego heads
I made Lego men heads out of baby food jars. All it took was spray painting the jars and lids, then using a sharpie marker I drew on the faces. I filled the jars with Lego candies.

Yet another big hit of the party!

Marshmellow Lego heads
The marshmallow Lego men were I think one of my favorites out of the decorations.

To make these I used the jumbo campfire marshmallows as the head and then for the top nob on the top of the head I just cut a normal jumbo marshmallow into 1/3 and stuck it to the top. Then I stuck the marshmallow head onto a candy stick.

The next step… I melted yellow chocolate wafers and tried to dip the whole marshmallow into the chocolate. I found that it coated with too much chocolate on the head and it was pretty heavy.

Next I used a basting brush and painted the chocolate onto the marshmallows and it worked out perfect.

The instructions I saw for the marshmallow heads said to use edible marker to draw on the face. I tried the edible marker and it wouldn’t draw on the chocolate. I also tried painting on food coloring gel, and it wouldn’t dry so that didn’t work either.

Then I made up some black royal icing and that worked perfect. The royal icing dries in no time and no smearing when I wrapped them.

Colouring book
I printed off different Lego characters and put it together to create a Lego coloring book for the kids. I like having things in the goody bag that isn’t all candy. I also bought some Lego men crayons off ebay to go with their books.

Pin the head
One of the games we played was pin the head on the Lego man.

I cut out Lego men shaped heads, and they all got a black marker to draw on their own faces. Then with a blindfold they got to try and stick it to the large Lego man on the wall.

Lego building
The biggest hit for the kids I think was the Lego building table.

Each child started with the base to a car and at the table we had a bunch of mixed Legos. There they could create their own Lego car (which they were allowed to take home).

My husband built a race track that the kids could race their cars.

Lego Faces
Each child got a Lego man mask as well to wear. They had so much fun being Lego characters. These I printed off online from Lego.com.

Treat Table
For the goody bags I found solid colored bags and then punched out 3/4″ circles and glued them onto the bag to make them look like a Lego brick.

I used these as decoration and then at the end of the party I made up the goody bags so the goody bag contents could be used as decorations during the party.

I found most of my printables online on www.halegrafx.com .

I was pretty happy with the end result of the birthday party and I must say I had a pretty excited little boy that day. Makes all the hours of preparation so worth it.

Karson with his Cake


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  1. i saw many of these ideas as i was planning a lego party for my son’s 6th birthday last month…but i got overwhelmed and ran out of time! i love the baby food jar heads! i never saw that before….very cute! LOVE the cake.

    • Lindsay says

      Hi oomph
      There are so many ideas for a lego party that it was getting overwhelming for me as well. I tried to start months in advance so I could get ready little by little and not all last min. I secretly hope my daughter will want a lego party one year too, as there was so many more ideas I didn’t even attempt, and how cute would a pink and purple lego party be 😉

  2. nicole dz says

    WOW! Very detailed lego party! Great job! Love the cake! My son loves legos too! And the rainbow waffles is a great idea for my niece on her birthday in June, going to make these for her. She requested a rainbow unicorn party.

    • Lindsay says

      Hi Nicole,
      I’m such a detailed person that I always think it’s the little details that make it that much more. What a fun breakfast it would be for your niece for a rainbow birthday, it was such a hit with my kids, I strongly encourage you to try them.

  3. Shannon says

    What a fun party and I would like some lego waffles! LOL! I love this.

    • Shannon says

      Happy birthday, Karson!

    • Lindsay says

      Thanks Shannon,
      It was a super fun party. And the waffles were a big hit!

  4. saminder gumer says

    these waffles look amazing. i don’t know how you did it. i am not sure if i would eat them or just stare at them for their beauty. i am very impressed and it seems like the party was a lot of fun too.

    • Lindsay says

      Hi Saminder,
      The waffles were fun to make, and was pretty easy as well. In case you missed it here is the link to the video I watched to see how to make Rainbow Waffles You should give them a try, it’s amazing what adding a little food coloring to you batter will do.

  5. shelly peterson says

    Wow what a great job you did! Everything looks great and looks like a lot of fun was had. I loved the pics of your son through all his birthdays.

    • Lindsay says

      Thank you Shelly,
      I think everyone did have a lot of fun, including us adults. I love taking the cake pictures with my kids to be able to look back and see how they have changed as they grow. Kids really do grow up way too fast 🙁

  6. Oh my gosh those waffles are awesome! I’m definitely doing this for my granddaughters and the Lego cake is you made is pretty amazing along with the Lego themed treats and Lego men heads. What a fun party and what a lucky boy to have a mom like you 🙂

    • Lindsay says

      Thanks Sherrie,
      Everything turned out perfect, I couldn’t have been more happy with how everything turned out. I like to try and do those little extra things for my kids on their birthdays to make them feel extra special, I always think it’s the little things that they will remember. It means A LOT to hear that I have “a lucky boy to have a mom like you” as sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it in the end… I’m sure it will be

  7. Sarah L says

    That was a fantastic birthday party. What a lot of work (says this lazy person), but what a great result.

    • Lindsay says

      Hi Sarah,
      I started planning months in advance so I wouldn’t have to get stuck doing everything last min. It was a lot of work, but in the end it was so worth it.

  8. Maralea says

    How creative! Love all these ideas. The waffles are super neat!

  9. Tammy S says

    I love these ideas! My nephew is all about Lego’s. He is always wanting to have Lego birthday parties and Lego cookies and cakes for every special event. I have got to share this post with my sister. You ideas are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing them!

  10. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Wow. Your party was great and I can see why your son was so excited and happy. You executed a lot of good ideas

  11. Sandy Cain says

    I can’t believe how STUNNING this turned out! All that work those hours, the attention paid to detail. Those yellow Lego kids have got to be the cutest thing! What a good mom you are! You have endless patience, Karson, McKenna & Mason are blessed to have you as their mom!

  12. Cynthia R says

    awesome cake! kids are totally into legos with the lego movie and sets and all. You did a great job with this party theme!

  13. Lisa Brown says

    That cake is amazing; waffles look great too 🙂

  14. Wow that looks like a really great birthday party love the cake and everything else.

  15. What an awesome birthday party! You did a great job pulling off the Lego theme and I will certainly be testing out rainbow waffles around our home soon.

  16. Terri S says

    WHAT A GREAT PARTY!!! I love the waffles. Thank you for sharing.

  17. B Spradlen says

    The pin the head on the minifigure game is simple and would be a hit I’m sure!!! Wonderful, do-able ideas!

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