Kansas City Lawn Maintenance Tips  

If you are growing a lawn in Kansas City, you may think that you need to do exactly the same thing as people throughout the US. This is not necessarily the case. While lawn care techniques are similar throughout the country, there are certain factors that are specific to growing and maintaining a lawn in Kansas City.  

Making sure that you know about these factors is important, if you want your lawn to survive and grow. You need to understand what type of grass thrives in the area and how it should be watered and cared for.  

The best grass for a lawn in Kansas City  

Generally, a 50-50 split between fescue and Bluegrass is the best choice for a Kansas City lawn. This means that if you are starting a new lawn, you need to buy more weight of Bluegrass as the seeds are smaller and not as heavy. One of the benefits of Bluegrass is that it settles and spreads well. This means that if you ever need to overseed, you will only need to use fescue seeds. Before, you seed a lawn, make sure that you water for a few days prior but do not water the area on the day when you are planting the seed.  

Dormant seeding is best  

The best time to seed a lawn is during fall or winter. In Kansas City, the optimum period is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seeding at this time of year means that you stick close to the way nature does its seeding. The seeds start to germinate early in spring and the seedling grass has enough time to gain strength in order to deal with the pressure of growing throughout the summer.  

Aeration when overseeding  

If you are overseeding your lawn, it’s a good idea to aerate as well. Doing this means that you remove small pieces of turf, making it easier for water and nutrients to reach the soil. This makes it easier for the roots of the seedling grass to grow and should mean that the new grass is strong. Even if you are not overseeding your lawn, it’s a good idea to aerate once a year, to make it easier for your lawn to grow in the clay soil which exists in Kansas City.  

Keeping grass at the right length  

Once grass starts to grow, you need to mow regularly. The first mowing should be done when the grass reaches a height of 4 inches and one inch should be removed. A Kansas City lawn then needs to be mown as often as is necessary to maintain this healthy height (usually once a week). At the same time as mowing is done, debris should be removed from the lawn.  

Using the right grass and mowing and seeding in the right way, helps to keep a Kansas City lawn in good condition. You also need to remember to keep the lawn watered. This should be done by watering deeply 2-3 times each week and not by watering every day.  

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