Just How Safe IS Web Surfing? #PrivacyIsNoGame

Just How Safe IS Web Surfing? #PrivacyIsNoGame

This post is sponsored by F-Secure as part of a Whynotmom.com AllStar campaign. All opinions expressed are my own.

If you own a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device… you’ve probably done it before.

Web surfing.

Whether with a specific task in mind, mindless or just for fun, web surfing is something almost all of us do daily.

Most of us aren’t even considering things like harmful sites, phishing and being tracked while surfing. We just “do it”.  Unfortunately, these things do exist.

What everyone with an internet connection needs is Freedome.


It seems like just about everything I do these days is tied to the internet. I bank online, pay my bills, transfer money, shop for just about everything including groceries, interact with (or stalk) my friends on social media, and entertain my family through streaming movies and television (who needs cable, right?!).



In the digital world, it seems like everyone wants a piece of you – hackers, Internet trackers, online spies. We believe you should have the freedom to live your digital life without worry. It’s our passion for freedom that pushes us to create better products and services to enable and empower you. For us, freedom is about making sure you are the one in control of your digital life. Together with you, we’re fighting for your digital freedom.

Private and untrackable

Say no to snoops and annoying advertisers tracking you. Freedome is privacy, anonymity and digital freedom.

Remove geo-restrictions

Change your virtual location to access blocked services while adding an extra layer of privacy to your surfing.

Wi-Fi security

Freedome shields you on public Wi-Fi – your data is protected even in vulnerable unsecured hotspots.

Safe surfing

With the push of a button, Freedome gives you your own private network, blocking bad apps and harmful sites.

Imagine complete digital Freedome while enjoying your devices.




To receive a FREE 90 day Trial of Freedome: Use Code CTTPC3


Have you been affected by poor internet security? Tell us about it in the comments below!


  1. Jen F says

    There are some really great points mentioned here. I will be honest, I don’t think that much about privacy online and my searches…probably should though!

  2. I love that it blocks advertising tracking! It always annoys me when I shop or browse for something and see it along my sidebar for months.

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