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Just For Baby Sponsor Spotlight | Simplisse



I breast fed all four of my children. My first was a combination of needing to save money and wanting to do what was best for baby. I was young (21) and thankfully my husband was 100% behind me. The pump I was using in combination with nursing left my nipples cracked and I almost threw in the towel.

If only this pump had been around back then.

Designed by lactation consultants and moms to feel like breastfeeding.

  • Features compression technology and super-soft flexible breastcups
  • Gentle Compression Technology gently elicits milk expression
  • Gentle compression is designed to help minimize tugging and pinching
  • Super-Soft BabyFace® Flexible Breastcups conform to mom’s breast and naturally move with mom while expressing
  • Inner and Outer Breastcups work together to mimic baby’s tongue and suckling motions, to encourage Let-Down


The Simplisse tote bag is stylish and looks nothing like a breast pump bag. This makes it discrete to carry around from location to location.


Inside the bag has extra room for your needed breast feeding items like burp rags, breast pads and a nursing cover/blanket.


What’s in the bag?

  • Pump Motor
  • Air Tubing (2 sets)
  • Collection Units (2 sets)
  • 2 Extra Collection Bottles w/ Storage Caps
  • Insulated Cooler Bag
  • 2 Ice Gel Packs
  • Wet Bag for used parts
  • Instruction Booklet (English/Spanish/French)
  • Bonus: 10 Breastmilk Storage Bags
  • Bonus: 4 Disposable Breast Pads 

    IMG_5434 IMG_5435

    The unique feature of this pump compared to the other “top of the line” models is the soft flexible material used in the breastcups. When the pump is on the suction mimics a baby’s suckling pressure as well as tongue action to encourage let down. This action is more natural and does not tug or pull like the other pumps.

    The video below shows how the pumping action is different. This makes pumping/breastfeeding a much more enjoyable process without the pain from tugging and pulling. The only thing that I would hope could eventually be improved on would be the loudness of the pump. It’s not overwhelming, but it is a bit loud so there would be no hiding the fact your are pumping (at your desk etc). This is a very minimal negative and shouldn’t discourage you from trying this pump!

    BUY IT:
    You can purchase a Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump for $199.99 (RV $249.99)


    An optimal feeding experience takes shape.

    • Angled feeding may help digestion and reduce reflux and other feeding problems
    • Wider, flatter pillow surface helps prevent baby from rolling down
    • Patented, non-flat design positions baby at incline
    • Grows with your baby with virtually limitless positions
    • Quilted 100% Cotton, Anti-Bacterial and Stain-Resistant
    • Machine Wash & Dry/100% Cotton Shell
    • Use with or without cover




    We were also sent a Gia Breast Feeding pillow. I love the C shape of this pillow and how one end is not very thick and the thickness increases up to the other end. This is one of the most versatile pillows on the market. The thicker ends is great for smaller babies. As baby grows you can readjust and move to the thinner side. It is great for the multiple holds including the football hold that is great for multiples or smaller babies. I could see this pillow making it’s way to mom’s bed after baby is done using it for nursing… it’s comfortable and squishy enough to conform to many shapes.



You can purchase a Gia Nursing Pillow for $34.88 (RV $39.99)

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ONE OurKidsMom reader is going to win a Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump & Gia Angled Breast Feeding Pillow in the Just For Baby Giveaway Hop starting Monday July 30th, 2012!


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  1. That’s neat, wish I had something like this with my first baby! I had to pump for several days when we discovered she has a milk protein intolerance. I had to dump my milk, quit all dairy, and started breastfeeding again. 🙂

    • Oh NO Anastasia! I CRIED when I accidentally spilled a bottle of breast milk. Pumping and dumping “liquid gold” would have killed me. Glad you figured it out though so you could continue breast feeding!

  2. does this mean “july 30th” instead of August?

  3. Lisa Ellis says

    wow, i would like to win this- I’m due in December !
    lisae819 at yahoo dot com

  4. This certainly sounds like the Cadillac of pumps!

  5. Stephanie says

    This SO awesome! Sounds like awesome technology – way better than my previous pump!

  6. Christine Mayfield says

    I’ve gone through 4 breast pumps with 4 babies and this sounds like it would be one to last for a very long time (unlike the other ones that barely got any milk out).

  7. Beth Rees says

    This sounds like a very efficient pump. I would love to have that maximizes the milk output

  8. Tricia says

    I’m a newbie, glad to be here!

  9. Catherine L says

    the nursing pillow looks very comfortable

  10. Carrie M says

    I had a single manual pump my first time around. This would be heavenly!!

  11. Andrea Byrne says

    what a great deal!!

  12. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love that this pump has flexible breastcups! Sounds so much nicer than the regular hard plastic molded ones! I love the shape of the Gia pillow too! Looks so comfy!

  13. suzanne says

    Would love these things for the baby coming in just a few weeks!

  14. It is great to learn about this pump! I am due in Nov. and will definitely need a pump. The pillow looks awesome too- I love that it is thicker on one end than the other!

  15. Stephanie Hungerford says

    From the pumps I have worked with over the years I have never seen one with soft breast cups I think these would even work for my relative that felt like she couldn’t pump because none of the other pumps were comfortable and her milk would never let down. I agree that the soft cups would make the pumping action more like an actual baby.

  16. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I love their products. They seem very high quality and very useful! The pump sounds amazing! Thanks for the review.

  17. Ruby says

    I’d like to try this for my second pregnancy as I just weaned my baby from mother’s milk. I wish I had known about it before.

  18. Pamela Halligan says

    I don’t plan on having children. My sister tried to breast feed my niece and nephew, but gave up and resorted to using formula. I used to babysit for a woman who used a breast pump.

  19. I had a cheapo with my first two and it didn’t help keep up my milk supply enough. Now that I am pregnant with my 3rd I am looking into a better pump with better suction and this looks amazing!

  20. Nikole H. says

    You’re right, those breastcups look especially softer then others! I actually don’t know why more pumps don’t have soft flanges like these?! And I think an angled nursing pillow is a great idea — I always find myself propping up the knee of whatever side I’m nursing on.

  21. samyra says

    I only had a manual pump with my first and it was really hard to pump for 7 months. I like that it is more like a baby so your body knows to keep making milk

  22. Jennifer Hedden says

    I really like the breast pump bag. You would never know that is what it is for. I like that the breastfeeding pillow grows with your baby. These all are great items. Thank you for the reviews!

  23. Ashley R. says

    LOVE the tote bag option – how cool, it just looks like a big purse 🙂 and the Gia pillow seems great, thanks for the review & the giveaway!

  24. Beth ann says

    I have been looking for a good pump for my little one who is due soon. Thank you for the review!

  25. rust hawk says

    This looks so easy and convenient! I’d have loved to have this when mine were young.

  26. Angel C. says

    Hi I am currently pregnant with twins and I am searching for a new pump that is more comfortable than the traditional ones and came across the Simplisse website. I have read and watched every video they have posted, I am so interested in it that I even called the contact line and spoke Diane(who by the way was extremely nice and polite). I think this will be a great pump for me since I will have to pump double time. I hope I win this Pump Wish us luck!!!!!

  27. Karina Lee says

    I’ve used the Gia pillow before and I love it

  28. clenna says

    What a great pump and love the pillow too. It’s perfect for supporting your arms. If you don’t have one, get this system – it’s perfect.

  29. heather hayes panjon says

    Looks easy to use!:)

  30. polly says

    my daughter in law sure could of used this for her first…maybe on baby#2 if we are so lucky!

  31. Lily Kwan says

    The Simplisse tote bag looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  32. This is the pump I wished I would have bought with my first baby. We are planning for number two, and I’m really going to consider making this purchase soon!

  33. Emily Vetter says

    I am expecting my first child in November and I am really hopeful and nervous about breastfeeding. I would love this product.

  34. I too wish they had something like that when my children were little.

  35. Kimberly says

    My baby is 8 months old now and I invested in one of those “top of the line” pumps when she was born. It’s already totally broken. This pump sounds so much better. The bag is way more discrete, the breast shields look more comfortable and I love the pink accents. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Sara Zielinski says

    These look like great baby items.

  37. Shakeeta W says

    I definitely need a pump like this! I have a First Years miPump that is less than ideal. I got it because I love the Breastflow bottles and thought that I would love the pump too but unfortunately, that’s not the case 🙁

  38. Sarah L says

    Where was this when I needed it 30 years ago? Looks great!

  39. Stephanie Hungerford says

    I love the C shaped pillow that can adjust as the baby grows I also love the pump that has soft breast cups this would have been helpful when a friend had a baby and non of the pumps on the market worked for her

  40. This looks amazing. I’m amazing how the Breastcups work together to mimic baby’s tongue and suckling motions, to encourage Let-Down. They’ve thought of everything. 🙂

  41. Looks like an awesome pump! I had a “generic” pump a few years ago with my first child, and it was so frustrating to use that I just gave up – wish I had seen something like this before!

  42. Brittny Ardis says

    Simplisse always has great giveaways and these pumps have great ratings

  43. Kelli Joyce says

    Love the dual punps and pillow! I am going to nurse. My 4th baby boy is due in Sept!

  44. Crystal Litz says

    what a nice pump I really like how the breast cups are soft

  45. Crystal Litz says

    what a nice pump I really like the soft cups

  46. Megan says

    I had a different pump with my other two children…it never worked that well. This sounds like a pump that would work great for when the new baby is born.

  47. Thanks for such a great review of these products, i’m expecting my first baby in 7 weeks and i was looking for a good breast pump and this has helped a lot!!!

  48. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I like that the pump has Super-Soft BabyFace® Flexible Breastcups conform to mom’s breast and natucrally move with mom while expressing! I also love that the bag looks like a purse!

  49. Farrah says

    That’s a really trendy bag. So much nicer than the ones that everyone knew were a pump when I had my babies. My sister-in-law could really use this!

  50. kelly nicholson says

    not a female or father,but that looks painful….just saying

  51. Becky Worthman says

    I love the inner and outer cups to mimic natural feeding!

  52. Wow, this looks like a super nice breastpump! I LOVE the bag it comes in…looks like a stylish purse!

  53. Kristie Betts says

    This so awesome Sounds like awesome technology

  54. AlannaB says

    I love that bag! That feeding pillow looks so comfy for baby too!

  55. Alice Lee says

    Like i mentioned in the giveaway post, I really like the flexible soft breastcup as it would seem much more comfortable to use!

  56. kathy pease says

    This would make an awesome gift for an expectant mom..I wish I had had this when my kids were born

  57. Natalie Finch says

    The pump bag is actually very stylish. The pump I had with my son, was so awful and people always asked me “what it was” – I would have loved to have something like this.

  58. Alisha L. says

    The Gia Pillow looks so much more comfortable then a Boppy! Love it.

  59. Eileen says

    I cant stress the importance of being comfortable when nursing. I had 6 and nursed all at least 8 months up to 18 months. I do remember getting shoulder aches, tugging and pulling on my body, feeling weak with the unnecessary weight of the babies on me when a great pillow helped so much. So nice they have these available to moms now! And I know the breast pumps have gotten so much better…I was lucky to have a good one way back then, but now there are so many competitive brands. I think that has made the quality and special features even better with them. The soft breast cups on this Simplisse pump would be a great selling point. I have not known anyone who has one yet but will keep my ears and mind open when discussing with my girls and lots of nieces to be mommies soon! Thanks!

  60. Wow i didn’t know all the benefits of an angled feeding pillow! thank you for the information! I’ll definitely be putting it to use in 6 weeks when my baby boy is born 🙂

  61. VJ M. says

    This looks like a pretty good system. I wish I had used one like this instead of a manual one…

    I like the shape of the pillow because it is thicker on one side. I had used a different brand of pillow when I was nursing that was the same the whole way around. I did not like it and only used it a handful of times. I ended up using it just to sit the baby up in.

  62. Cathy says

    I am due in a few weeks and would love to win this product.

  63. What a great product to help new mothers who have never breast fed their child. These products will make breast feeding so much easier for moms and mothers who have to work! They can express their milk really easy with this product!

  64. There are some great giveaways for those expecting moms.

  65. Gianna says

    Great products to have! It seems i’m either always pregnant and nursing babies!

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