Joovy Scooter 2014 Edition | #JoovyScooter #ScooterStroll

Joovy Scooter 2014 Edition | #JoovyScooter #ScooterStroll 

Sample received for review. All opinions are my own.

Out of the box
Joovy has added to their family of strollers, introducing their Scooter 2014 available  in 4 great colors.

I was sent the Scooter 2014 in Blueberry and the Scooter tray (sold separately).

Out of the box there is a small bit of assembly required, but it came together fairly quick.

roomy seatThe Scooter is rated for a maximum child weight of 55 lbs with a very spacious seat. My 11 month old has ample space to sit comfortably. Heck, even my 3 year old has enough head room and space for her to sit comfortably!

The seat is a super soft padded seat that is also reversible. One side is the super durable 600D fabric and the other is a soft fleece. When messes happen, no worries, the seat pad is removable for easy cleaning.

5 point harness
The Scooter has a great 5 point harness to keep your child safe and secure. The stroller comes equipped with padded shoulder pads to keep your child’s ride comfortable and mesh pockets on both sides of seat for toys, sippy cups or other items your child may want handy.

Infinity Recline
I love the infinity recline on the Scooter. When my son falls asleep in the stroller I can smoothly recline the seat without worrying about waking him.

Foot rest
The foot rest has 2 positions as well. For sleeping babies you can bring the footrest up and have an almost completely flat sleeping surface.

Big sun visor
The canopy on the Scooter is HUGE. There are 4 large panels to give your child the best shade coverage possible. There is also a peek a boo window up top to help keep a eye on your baby while you are pushing from behind.

10 position handle
Moving to the back of the stroller, the handlebar has 10 adjustable settings. This is a feature I appreciate. Being 5 foot 10 I often have problems walking behind a stroller. With the Scooter I don’t kick the bottom of the stroller as I walk.

When adjusted to a lower position I can also let my little 3 year old helper push.
Parent organizer
The parent organizer on the back is amazing. There is a mesh cup holder and great sized zipper pocket for keeping your keys, cell phone, or smaller wallets. There is also a detachable cup holder on the side for an extra cup of coffee or water bottle.

Swivel Ront wheel lock
The stroller is equipped with suspension and all four wheels have sealed bearings giving a nice smooth ride. The front wheels are on a swivel lock with a quick release latch. The brake system is a quick one step linked parking break for fast and easy connivence.

Bumper bar and snack Tray
I love the snack tray that Joovy sent me with the stroller.

The snack tray does not come with the stroller and is sold separately. My little man is at the finger food stage and is easily content when he has some snacks. I use the snack tray all the time as I can give him a few snacks on there and get my stuff done when shopping or just out and about.

To attach the snack tray you just remove the bumper bar and insert the snack try.

Zipper pocket to the storage basket
Under the stroller you have a nice sized storage basket to hold your purse, diaper bag or extra blankets and toy.

One of my favorite features of the Joovy Scooter 2014 is a zippered access pocket that allows you to access the basket without disturbing your reclined sleeping child. You won’t find that feature on very many strollers. Typically you are just out of luck.

All folded up
Folding the stroller is as easy as pressing the button on the right handle bar  and pulling up on the folding triggers. There is an in-seat carrying handle that you can lift up on and the stroller folds up with the automatic folding lock… then you can easily walk off with it.

It’s fast, easy and convenient.

I love Joovy and find that they put a lot of thought into their products. I feel like they consider what would make life easier for us parents while using Joovy products… and then they make them!

This is a great stroller that is easy to push. I have been through gravel and dirt with it… with the wheels locked it’s a pretty easy push.

I would recommend this stroller to anyone in the market for a stroller. Head over to and check out the great many great products that Joovy has to offer.

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You can purchase the 2014 Edition of the Joovy Scooter on the Joovy Site


  1. saminder gumer says

    i like all the pockets because i need them to store all the stuff i bring along.

  2. Carmen says

    Very col! Like all the storage and the apparent ease of unfolding and assembling!

  3. Marla Shirley says

    Looks like an excellent stroller!

  4. sandra breines says

    I love this stroller! I want one for my ASD boy who doesnt always want to walj. Great product!

  5. Megan Lagos says

    This is an amazing stroller!

  6. Heather K says

    Sounds like an excellent stroller- almost makes me want another 😉 Thanks for the great review Lindsay.

  7. denise says

    Seems pretty user friendly

  8. Sherrie C. says

    Joovy makes such quality strollers and I love the Blueberry color. I need to get one of these strollers for my seven month old grandson.

  9. nicole dz says

    Love how this folds up and is easy to carry and store. Love the mesh pockets on both sides of seat and the front trays, shade cover, and the smooth ride. Great stroller with awesome features!

  10. Janet W. says

    I love the slim fold! The oversized canopy is perfect for sun protection! This looks like a great ride!

  11. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    this looks really durable and easy to fold

  12. It looks like the paid attention to every little deatil. Fab stroller!

  13. Xenia says

    This definitely looks like an awesome stroller – I love the way that Joovy takes everything into account (style, function, convenience, etc) yet never leaves out safety!

  14. so many pictures what a good review. i love the color of this stroller. perfect for a boy!

  15. Sandra VanHoey says

    I love how easy this is to fold up and to open it up for use.

  16. Nicole D says

    Stroller looks awesome! Love the huge canopy! May just be my next stroller purchase!

  17. Karen Glatt says

    This is an amazing stroller that my sister needs to get for my nephew to use. I like the color and that is has a lot of pockets to put baby or toddler in!

  18. Sarah L says

    That is the Caddy of strollers. Wish I’d had one 40 years ago.

  19. shelly peterson says

    This looks really nice. I like all the pockets and the cup holder. The canopy has good coverage.

  20. Anne says

    Although we don’t need baby items in our house, I try to keep up with the latest and greatest products so I’m sure I give young parents gifts they’ll truly use and enjoy. Thanks for your review–I’ll add the Joovy Scooter to my list.

  21. Rebecca Parsons says

    Wow this thing is great, love how small it folds up but is nice size when expanded. The tray is great for snacks when at the park.

  22. Sarah L says

    I can’t believe how versatile this scooter is. Does everything except bake bread.

  23. We are huge fans of the Joovy brand! Not only are their products practical but they are such high quality that they last for ages. We passed our last Joovy stroller on to a family member a year ago and they are still using it comfortably today.

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