Joovy Moon Room

Joovy Moon Room

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Joovy Moon Room
Christmas is almost here and for a lot of people that means you will be traveling to spend this time with friends and family. Typically family traveling with small children means you will be taking a playard with you for your baby or younger child to sleep and play in.

Joovy has made the perfect play yard for any occasion. Let me introduce you to the Joovy Moon Room.

In the Carrying Case
The Joovy Moon Room comes with a great carrying case for easy transport and storage. This isn’t a super light playard as it does have a bit of weight to it at 26.5 pounds.

Lots of room in the Moon Room
The Joovy Moon Room has brought a fresh look and design to the normal square play yard. The new design gives your child loads of room to play and move around. There is ample room for your child to get a good night’s sleep, even if they are a mover while they sleep. There is plenty of room to move and roll without being disturbed and woken up.

Durable Mesh
The Joovy Moon Room, as with all Joovy products, is made with highly durable materials. The mesh is made from 600D nylon fabric, so it can and will take a beating from your babies.

Zipper on the Floor Mat
Included with the Moon Room is a 100% cotton fitted sheet. I have to add that this sheet is super soft and cozy (I think that Joovy should make this sheet in a king size).You can purchase extra fitted sheets if you would like more then one.

On the floor mat there is a zipper to remove the cover off the mat. This is the first playard I have seen this on and I think this is genius… accidents happen and so do sick kids. To be able to remove the mat cover and properly clean it is such a wonderful feature.

Playing in the Moon Room
Setting up the play yard can be done in a matter of minutes. Before you press the bottom down you need to lock all the side rails in place. Once the rails are all locked into place you can then press the bottom down and place the floor mat in.

To take down your play yard you have to take out your floor mat, lift up the floor with the given loop, press the buttons on the rail to release the rails and then fold up for packing away.

Lots of Room for sleeping
The Joovy Moon Room is such a fun new design. I love seeing a company take a product that has been around for so many years with the same look and give it a twist to make it more modern looking (and more usable).


My only wish for this product would be wheels on the travel bag so you can pull it. For now, I just hav my husband pack it around for me.

Joovy takes any worry out of introducing a new product to my most precious person in the world, my baby, as I know without a doubt it will be safe for my child. Head over to and pick up your Moon Room today, you can choose from 4 stunning colors that the play yard is available in.



  1. Robin Wilson says

    I think that these have sure come a long way over the last couple of decades. Yep, decades. I love the shape of this one and like you said, the ease of cleaning. Any mom or dad would surely love to have one.

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